I have faith in the Renegades!!!

Call me crazy, call me stupid, but I think they will pull together and have a winning season next year. Now, I think negative media and negative fans won't help this franchise succeed. Whether a team sucks or rules, I believe you should support them. I realize that the ownership situation isn't that great, probably down right sucky, regardless, look at the NFL. The Detriot Lions, Arizona CArdinals and the New Orlean Saints suck, and continue to suck, yet they have true loyal fans. Wouldn't that be great if Ottawa and the whole CFL could have fans like that?! I'm so sick of the lack of support from fans. What gives!!! Sorry, i got all fired up, lol. Anyways, that's how I feel about the Ottawa and the rest of the CFL fanbase.

Renegades will prevail in 2006!!!!!!!

Okay, but remember you asked for this....

You're crazy and stupid.