Maas will start throwing long when he gets and O line that will give him some time and he doesn't have to worry about getting hammered by the oposition every play.

I loved the way eakin stepped up last year, but I too am a Maas fan. The guy plays with fire in his belly. The league is full of top notch qb's that we cats fan ran out of town (see cavillo, anthony or allen, damon)..let's make sure maas isn't another one. Give him protection and the right play calling, and we'll be fine.

Mass has already proven he's a great quarterback. Unfortunately, other aspects of this team are NOT so great.
Mass and all of our new outstanding talent need proper direction and they're NOT getting it.

I agree 100%. I'm not worried about Jason, or the offense for that matter. They'll come around. Playing with two rookie offensive tackles is a major adjustment.

im sayin mid season is mass doesnt rhow long and accurate eakin shud step in, i think eakins wicked and shud b used more!

Yeh! Ekin nos howe too spel to.


I think dictionary's are awesome and should be used more

Was Blitz being sarcastic? If I were being sarcastic, I'd prolly talk like a hillbilly, too. :slight_smile: