I have discovered a great YT channel dedicated to stadiums

He covers stadiums from many sports, and from all over the world. He's also done a couple videos on Canadian stadiums (U Sports and CFL). Great videos, so I wanted to share.


Well, the WWS guy mocked us a little bit... but that laid back Aussi accent lessened the bite. I've learned that McMahan Stadium sucks and that Commonwealth Stadium is too insignificant to make the list. At least Mosaic field and IG field got a sniff. I think he liked IG field. He found Mosaic's seating plan to be strangely random but refused to prefer one over the other. No mention of BC Place. Some really tiny University Stadiums on the Prairies got a look. Apparently all stadiums in Canada are University Stadiums with some of them having what he calls a 'CFL' design. Snow is a factor in roof design that he somehow got right despite not knowing much about frozen water. Good for him (GOOD ON MATE!). It's always interesting to see our fair land through foreign eyes. :grin:

Oh wait a sec... there's a second video on WWS that covers more of our Stadiums not including Toronto's Sky Dome and Montreal's Olympic Stadium (we used to call it the 'Big Owe'). In this video he's a bit kinder to McMahon. He really liked Ottawa's TD Place while Montreal's Percival Molson Memorial caught his eye. He was a tease when he got back to Winnipeg - reminding us about the original roof design that MIGHT'VE included an inflatable cover of some sort. :thinking:

While I have no personal issue with McMahon, it's certainly the ugliest stadium in the CFL.

It a good channel, but it doesn't include actual stadium dimensions, just attendance capacity. I like the channel immensely. That is where I find my info on US football stadiums