I Have An Idea!!

How about everyone in the Lions forum just ignore all Doofus' (Dupsell) posts and don't bother posting and maybe he'll get the hint that we don't want him/her around.


I say ban that idiot.

Hey, everyone is entitled to their views. This board needs more posters not less.

Oxbow posted this on the Tillman Blog Board and it is good food for thought for those of us who from time to time wish some poster would be gone.

What Oxbow has posted is what I think when someone tells people to move on, shut up or whatever. I love "move on" instructions the best as some don't want to hear your view. I think so what. Don't read it but let the person post what they think as long as it not inappropriate or racist or profane and in poor taste for a fan board of multi-ages.

Oxbow said this:

"Internet blogs and forums are fascinating things. They have been around for such a short time now, and yet are so common that they seem as if they have been here forever. A whole culture is developing around them complete with "does" and "don'ts" and rules and such.

Some of my favorites are "don't use capital letters because some people may think you are yelling" or "don't post here unless you do so often, or have been a member for a long time because those have been here a long time think internet forums are their own personal property and you run the risk of being labelled a troller (whatever that means)"

If you are fortunate enough and are noticed by the 'select' few that you spend an extra-ordinary amount of time on certain forums, you may be invited into that mysterious group known as the "moderators." Then you can become a cruel omnipotent god and delete posts, sensor and edit at will and gossip about others in your group (speaking from personal experience)

Internet blogs and forums were developed to give us yet another avenue to exercise freedom of speech. I think we should just leave them at that.

I may or may not like what Mr. Tillman said or how he said it, but I will fight to my death for his right to say them the way he does.

Just give me a winning football team please is all I ask of him. Do well in that department and I will name children after him."

You're absolutely right , I regret saying the "B" word and I don't like censorship, and I hope we don't get nazi like moderators who kick people out for just expressing an opinion,cause we need people to open up and post their opinions and if people say stupid things like I'm probably doing right now .., you shouldn't worry about it.

Darn, sorry Lionbacker, I responded to the troll before reading your post.

Next time I wont bother.