I have an Idea (light bulb)

In the history of my life I have seen the Tiger-Cats come into trouble more times then id like to count and I am not that old. But I remember back in the mid 90's when we had to sell a certain number of season tickets or risk losing the Cats. Those were not good times for us as fans but lucky for us there has always been an owner who steps up and takes it in the pocket book for us to keep the cats. Here is my Idea for all of us who go to the games regularly I suggest we start a fan promotion program where we Bring a friend to the game deal. We all have those friends who watch games all the time on Tv or they sit on there couch every sunday to watch NFL. Lets as a fan base decide to Bring a friend to a game and give them a taste of IWS. Most ppl only see cold uncomfortable seats drunk nieghbours etc when they think about going to a game. What they dont see is the atmoshpere the emotion everything that makes spending 45 dollars a ticket worth every penny. Me I will pick 2 games this year where I will bring a friend to the game. Lets see maybe us as fans really can make a difference.

This is a great idea, I will join you in bringing a couple of friends to at least two games this yr.
Go Cats Go!

Way ahead of you, bringing at least 4 friends + my dad each game this year.We spent the off-season making sure we got some solid ticket buying friends and a few that will attend every now and again.Some of them think the CFL is a joke compared to the NFL, we're just gonna have to prove em wrong :lol:

I think it's a great idea since I used to do this at every game from 92-95. None of my family or friends are even into football. What I did was always buy 2 season seats each of those years and take a different person with me every game till people started asking to go again. Oddly enough out of the 20+ people I took over that span my mother was the one that loved them the most. I was in the top row of Box I.

Some of them think the CFL is a joke compared to the NFL

The CFL is like a small winery that produces a great product but isn't the big marketing-game big wineries. Or the small club that gets some great music groups that are under the radar but great. The masses have to go and see just big-name groups at arenas and stadiums to get turned-on. CFL fans are a unique sort of what I like to call alternative type indie music lovers, a special group in so many ways. :cowboy:

And some of us are one and the same.
The indie music forums even have a Ticat thread that is active during the season.

Didn't know that jerk! Nice info. :thup: