I have a question

Why the hell did toronto get rid of Noel Prefontaine and hire Vanderjagt? Vanderjagt is horrible, i don't even know how he played in the NFL. They said at the beginning of the season Toronto wanted a long-range kicker. Well in week 1 of the 2008 season Noel Prefontaine kicked a 54 yarder against saskatchewn, i don't think you can ask for much more than that.

that is one if not the biggest problems the argonauts organization have: they think they need ex-nfl guys to bring in crowds! that is the only reason they brought in Vanderhack. there is no other reason. and guess who is in the playoffs? Noel Prefontaine and the esks.

how many times have the argos brought in these nfl guys or ncaa stars and they were a complete waste of their high priced salaries? Ricky Williams, Eric Crouch and Raghib “Rocket? Ismail are few that come to mind.

It's worked out well for Prefontaine.
I only hope he takes the high road and lets the past stay in the past.
He was upset about it when it happened but now it's paid off for him big time.

If you look at the stats, their field goal % is practically the same, but with Vandy having a longer average per attempt. So to call Vandy terrible is calling Pre terrible as well. Rumour has it Vandy was battling an injury during the season as well (Pre is a much better punter & kickoff man for sure).

I think the Argos found it appealing being able to acquire a 1st rd pick from Edmonton for Pre. Too bad the Argos didn't treat Pre with respect at the time of the trade.

Well... he is the most accurate kicker in the history of that league...

Don't think the problems start and stop at the kicking position.

Take a look at the stats, Vanderjagt has a higher accuracy % and averaged from further out compared to Pre. Nailed a 50 yarder so he did have the leg to do it.

The difference is the Argo's got a better FG kicker and a 1st round draft pick but gave up kick-off ability in return...

i am not talking about just stats here (although ricky williams blazed up the field! :roll: ) but more bringing in these southern stars throws the team dynamic and chemistry off. the same goes with the argos signing the big cfl stars. did the joseph trade throw that team into disarray? hmm. the argos staff seem more interested in trying to sell tickets through star players and loud music at the rogers centre than by winning.



[url=http://www.nfl.com/history/randf/records/indiv/fieldgoals]http://www.nfl.com/history/randf/record ... fieldgoals[/url]

42 consecutive FG's too...

Agree wholeheartedly. I understand the idea in doing it, but it tends to be a determent more often than not, doesn't it?

Aside note, I really enjoyed Ricky Williams - minus the lack of production. He spoke very well of the CFL and was a very good representation of the CFL player.

Yes he did. But I wonder about the idea of bringing a player in for just a season knowing that he will return to the NFL
the next season. Perhaps the Argo's were not sure of his plans and that's fine. I just don't want my team bringing players up from the NFL for just a single season. To me it just diminishes credibility of the team.

Doesn't a team plug players in every year? Every week? However, a high profile case like this goes against that. I'm sure the fan turn out was a big part of the idea behind it, but to have access to a quality player - regardless of the length tenure - that could help get you a championship should be a top priority.

Are we championship driven or are we wanting to be apart of classy organizations that care about the community? Frankly, I prefer the latter. How do others feel about that though? It is entertainment.

I remember reading from Ricky that he likes the thought of coming back again. I don't know his current contract status but he seems to be having a fine year with the Dolphins so I would think one more contract down south is in line for him.

I agree with you whole heartedly about a player coming to the CFL for just a season. Williams was really just a "Rent a Player". I like to see players make a career in the CFL.