I have a problem

When I was at the festival last week, somehow my BB's home jersey got pen marks on the numbers!!! :twisted:

Anyone know of a way to remove pen marks from heat press numbers or a way I can cover the marks??? :frowning:

Here is the kinda of jersey I have.

Have you tried Spray and wash?

........why did you get into a pen fight?........you could try white-out to cover or a mild detergent to clean........they'll fade after awhile.........

Actually, I'll give you a nicer Jersey to wear over that Bomber one. It's bright, Orange and after 2005, It's have a Grey Cup Logo sewn on it.

Spary and wash, what's that?

I have covered the marks with liqurd paper.

It was an acendent RandW, I really don't know how it happened.

I have use rubbeing alcahol, bleach pen, tooth paste.

That's a BC jersey isn't? nice try!

You don't have spray and wash? It must be a Canadian Thing...It's in the Laundry section of the Supermarket. Works great on Beer Stains too!

Whats wrong with the BC Jersey? I meant that sincerly... :wink: Besides KK I wanted you to get close to the Grey Cup and it was my best way of helping you!

Nothing wrong with a BC jersey, I like them, except I don't like the fact that they are the BC Lions and not the Vancouver Lions.

I check my local one or I'll go online.

Winnipeg will be back in the Grey Cup soon or the next few years. :smiley:

The only way Winnipeg will be back in the Grey Cup soon is when they host it next year :wink:

What kind of pen? If it's just a bic ballpoint thing, it shouldn't be too tough to get off ... if it's a sharpie or a permanent marker, it could be harder :s You could always scribble a sort of signature over it to make it look like your jersey's been signed :wink:

I'd try scrubbing (and scrubbing and scrubbing) with a mild detergent ...

But I gotta admit, that jersey would look a lot better if it was red :wink:

It is a blue ballpoint and it's been a few days.

I got that Spary and wash stuff, and if that doesn't work, what would be good to permenly cover the marks???

I thinking since it's heat pressure to press white whatever the numbers are made out of over the marks. It will maybe leave a scar, but that will give the jersey more personally! :wink:

What I'm trying to do is get the blue marks out of the white by any means neccersury! cover the marks, removal, whatever works!

What about scratching it off?

HMM, worth a shot!

Try hair spray.(i am serious) I know it works on regular material but dont know about that heat stuff

I thought maybe some player was frustrated that no one was getting his autograph, and he snuck up behind you and tried to sign your shirt.

I don't know...it's what I would do.


Look carefully - the pen scribble might actually say "Khari Jones"

I thought you lived in Alaska…or was it Bermuda?!? No one knows anymore…

LOL ESKJEBUS... my sides are hurting... try BURNING the sweater, that should remove the ink stain.

Acid should get rid of those pesky pen marks

Dont listen to them KK, it only adds character to the jersey, like blood or a tear. Each flaw in it should tell a story, like a history, of all the adventures your jersey has taken with you, and down the road you can look back on that old jersey and all its flaws and remember what the two of you have been through.

But if you dont like that, then just get some new numbers applied over the old ones.