I have a problem

I received an e-mail informing me of a PM. I signed on on it says there is no message. What do I do to get my message :? :?

try cfl.ca it might be there

I'll send you a message if you want. What would you like it to say?

I received an e-mail informing me of a PM. I signed on on it says there is no message.
Are you sure it was a notice of a pm? I once clicked 'notify me of replies to your post' ....holy crap, that was annoying. I got a e-mail [u]every time[/u] someone replied to my post "Free Cash" Never ever check that box!!!

did you actually go into messages to see if there were any??

I got a e-mail every time someone replied to my post "Free Cash"
It was even worse when I posted on the Winnipeg site "Free Teeth" :lol: :lol:

Thanks all. I went to cfl.ca and found the message. Some of your replies are just great. :thup:

If Fang doesn't want one then does anybody else want me to send them a PM? :oops:

I'm working late and I'm trying to avoid the actual 'work' part.

sure, send me your bank acount numbers, passwords..... :rockin:

[i]I would be your most willing and humble servant to be doing this. However, as a representative of the widow of General Obanja of Nigeria, I am first authorized to offer to YOU the opportunity to help this beloved woman. Of course, we would be most grateful to you and would wish to reward you for your kindness.

Her late husband amassed a fortune of $31,000,000 but she is unable to get it out of the country due to banking regulations. However, if she is able to find a third-party agent in another country then this difficulty is obviated. Such an agent would receive 20% of the fund.

If you would like us to send to you the bank account number and the password so that you may transfer the account to your name and so receive the reward and our thanks, we need first to clear up some minor legal issues.

In order to set up a valid contract, we need your Social Insurance Number, two valid credit card numbers complete with verification codes, a copy of your last tax return, and a copy of your signature on a bank statement or blank cheque. This will permit us to do all that is necessary to complete the transaction which you have suggested.[/i]

Sent only to TiCat fans?

An Argo fan

Where do I send the info????
It's on the internet so it must be true!


And to think, some people actually fall for that stuff.
How does the 'pump' work? :lol:

Dear Mr. FootballYouBet;

Beware. This is a scam. Many innocent consumers in Canada have received letters such as you have received from fraudulent internet sources.

As the premier internet fraud protection service in Canada, we guarantee IN WRITING that after you enter into a service agreement with us that there will be no danger of any Nigerian scam emptying the money in your bank account. Repeat- They will NOT BE ABLE TO ACCESS ANY MONEY!

We are so sure of this promise that we are providing you with your first 30 days of service ABSOLUTELY FREE! That's right.

Although we can't tell you all of the secrets behind our service, we can tell you that right after we receive your authorization that we shall be in contact with your bank and will soon be able ensure that we will be protecting your money AS IF IT WERE OUR VERY OWN!

That's right. Without you doing anything other than sending us a copy of your bank account number and authorization codes, we will be the ones taking care of your money. You won't have to worry about it ever again.

Doesn't THAT give you peace of mind?

Try our service today. FOR FREE.

works for me :thup:

PM me!

Nua ha ha! (evil laughter is heard from the typist)

I have to check with my lawyer first.

[i]Dear Mr. FootballYouBet,

I represent a new internet based legal service. We would like to offer to you a free evaluation of any internet proposals which you have received.....[/i]

I heard the Nigerian email scam makes a million dollars a day.

But then again, maybe I'll believe anything.

I'm still waiting for my cheque in the mail.

If you actually got taken by it you probably couldn't afford to connect to the internet....
unless you're wardriving perhaps? :smiley:

Theres another one floating around out there...

If a nicely dressed man shows up at your door, and convinces you that he can do an immediate breast cervical cancer check, just with a fresh example of your underwear, he's LYING! He just wants to see you naked!

If this lady ever known that yesterday! But if I spread the word, maybe Borehamgirl may be safe!