I have a Gut Feeling about Jesse...

I hope Lumsden leaves. While KK leads the league in rushing in 09, Lumsden will lead the league in games missed due to injury.

Ticat money is spent better elsewhere.

Jesse was on TSN's show off the record yesterday with the new Argos coach, Bart Andrus, and from the Argos Byron Parker, and former Argo Sandi Anunziata. :thdn:

The only reason I want him to stay is because I don’t want my #28 Lumsden jersey to be wasted, however, KK is going to be our man regardless of JL signing with the 'Cats or not.

So if he goes to the Argos… so be it.

Good idea! I think that if Jesse is going to rehab a twice injured labrum, he'd be wise to take the season off and get all the therapy he can to make certain he's ready to play in 2010, presuming anyone would take him and his dad (agent) on.

I can't see anyone taking him on (should he decide to play again for more than $100,000.00 and who knows; he may be over priced at that.

Taking a year off is very foolish. The shock of coming back to the professional game after being away for so long will probably mean atleast 1, if not more mediocre years.

I haven't seen any press releases stating that Jesse's injuries are so serious
that the doctors working with him have considered telling him to take a year off.

Jesse will follow the advice of his Doctors not the advice of well-meaning fans.

So the Ticats were represented by their most popular (local boy) ...What's wrong with that? Had it been all Argos around the table people would have said something like Toronto Sports Network bias to the Argos.

Come on...

Rusty25 wrote about Jesse:
"......and then he's going to get a paper cut while reading the Spectator and miss 8 games."

Cheap shot and uncalled for. Show some respect for a highly competitive player who does not need to prove anything to you.  I'm with Ron on this.
:o The world is going To End MR Cats and Ron Agreeing LOL :lol: I am Speechless.
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

No matter our reactions, I believe we are all just frustrated by Jesse's career so far. Some of us would have wanted him to succeed at a high level even in the NFL. The rest of us are frustrated that he, through no fault of his own, has had a string of bad luck. With all the potential he has shown at Mac and on a few memorable occasions with the Ticats he hasn't yet been able to put together a great season and lead the Ticats out of the wilderness. And when he can't play he isn't the drawing card that he could be. I think there has been too much hype, both positively and negatively. Instead of hype, let's have hope-- that he can recover fully, that he Ticats and Jesse will get together again, and that his string of bad luck will end just as the rest of the team catches fire.

Nothing would make me happier at the start of Training Camp to see Jessie show up in superior shape wanting to prove all the na sayers wrong. I hope he is able to accomplish what all the fans want him accomplish ......... a 1000 yard season busting the big ones. I believe Jessie wants to come back to prove to himself what he is capable of. In any event I wish him well.

Nobody here has advised Jesse to do anything. We were SPECULATING that IF his labrum injury is serious enough,
he and his dad (agent) may consider taking the 09 season off in favour of therapy to get fully rehabilitated.

Obviously, such a decision would be made between Jesse, his doctor(s) and the team.

Lets see his career to date... Misses out on the "big game" in college, his team ends up losing. Comes to the CFL and has yet to play an entire season. He may not have anything to prove to me... but he has something to prove to GM's... and he's failed to deliver.

Believe me... I WANT TO EAT CROW. I want Jesse to tear it up, gain 1,000+ yards and win the CFL MOP award. I'd love to have to eat my words.

This has nothing to do with respect.

As a CFL player, and specially as a "marquee" player, Jesse is expected to play a highly physical sport at a highly competitive level. He is expected to help his team win, and produce on a regular basis.

To date, Jesse hasn't helped his team win much, nor has he produced on a regular basis.

As far as Rusty's comment...it may be flippant, but sometimes the truth hurts...Jesse Lumsden's body is not resilient enough to play pro football. I don't care if it is his genes, his musculature, his bad luck, his running style...just look at the stats, he misses as many as he plays.

As a fan Rusty has a right to to feel cheated.....cheated NOT by Jesse but by Lady lLuck or bad karma or whatever. Jesse could have been a future HOFer. Instead, he is a 26 YO "could have been", who really isn't sure about how he is going to earn his living.

I don't blame Rusty at all for being a bit perturbed. He is upset at the situation, NOT the player.

He's had plenty of chances to re-sign but has declined. Doesn't that tell you something? He's shopping his services around the league. He may not get top dollar (nor should he), but I think he'll go to a team that he feels has a chance at winning some games and contending for the GC. The only way he'll be back in Hamilton is if the other 7 teams fold.

An Argo-Cat fan


It has everything to do with respect. Jesse is a courageous, tainted runner who has been injured trying to help this team win despite the former sub-par coaching. Sure he could be a future HOF-er. His career may not be over yet so you had better shine up that dirty crystal ball you are using to write him off already.
" Rusty has a right to feel cheated". The poor thing. Boo hoo.How tough it must be for him to be a victim in all of this.
He has NO right to feel cheated. Both of you need to put this in some adult perspective. Its football. It's life. Deal with it . No-one owes you two anything. You and Rusty are simply onlookers.
Jesse's attitude and achievements so far are light years ahead of the self-righteous drivel you and Rusty have posted.
With respect of course. :wink:

I dont necessarily have a problem with people dogging Jesse for his injuries and not wanting him back in a Ticat uniform. THere IS a history there.

What does bother me is the idea that he's made of glass and the injuries they come up with that JL will suffer. As an example, Rusty says he will get a paper cut and miss 8 games. I've heard others where he wrecks his shoulder opening a door. This is ridiculous. Id like someone to name ONE JL injury that was a fluke of this nature.

All of his injuries have been FOOTBALL injuries. Incurred while playing a tough sport, in a position that takes a lot of abuse. Slag him for being injury prone if you like, but at least when speculating about future injuries, keep them realistic and based on what has actually happened.

Jesse Lumsden is without a doubt to this fan the most dynamic RB this team has seen in the last 30 years.

I don't know how he does it, he doesn't look fast but he is, he doesn't look like he's going to break one but he does. He's unbelieveable. I just wish he could play more. I don't blame him for not being able to play 100%, afterall it's not like he can control what happens to him in a game. It's like some greater Football "force" is teasing us, giving us such a promising player...then taking him away with injuries

Sadly I have a gut feeling he won't be back with the Cats...My heart and the fan in me says I hope he is back. I don't want Jesse to become a star in the CFL in another teams jersey, that would be a shame to this Hamiltonian.

I hope he wants to stay here, I hope the Cats front office wants him to stay here....and I hope he stays, has success and make us fans and the community proud to call him a hometown hero.

I can't explain why I have this gut feeling...I just don't think he'll be back.....and I hope like hell my gut is wrong on this one.

Good stuff. I hate reply with "me too". But I have to.
Me too. :thup: