I have a Gut Feeling about Jesse...

I have new Gut Feeling about Jesse ...
I have a Feeling he wants to say and see us turn it around.
Question do the Cats Want him Enough ..
Obie has said
HE wants Jesse to shop his Services around the league during FA.Then come talk to him .

To me that said we are not Bring him back unless he is Cheep.
The Ticats want use a Platoon system with Running backs by the looks of it .
This would Benefit Jesse in the long run keep fresh and he'd take less of pounding
so less change he'd be hurt .

Can these two come together
We'll have to see..

Oh you dreamer you, still I admire your hope

Maybe it is Jesse who is dreaming, Sportsscallion.

Ain't gonna be not 'Pot o' Gold' offers on Feb 16th.

Injuries..damaged goods...risk, and all.

ONknight, you say

HE wants Jesse to shop his Services around the league during FA.

Then come talk to him. To me that said

we are not Bring him back unless he is Cheep.

To me Obie is saying to Jesse to do a 'reality check'
on what kind of money is out there in free agency

Maybe the contract he was offered early last season
will look better after that than it did back then.

Obie has since taken on Kenton Keith's $140,000 contract

In light of that, I don't think Obie will match
the contract he offered Jesse back then.

If Jesse comes calling, hopefully,

Obie won't take too many dollars off the table
from the contract that he offered Jesse then.

I just hope we don't lose JL over a little difference between what JL wants and what BO offers.
On the other hand if BO offers $100 K and JL won't sign for less than $200 K........

JL and BO, "git her done"!

A great man once said that winning is a great deodorant, but since when has Obie become BO? LMAO :wink:

Yes, I hope Jesse can re-sign in Hamilton. A lot will have to do with how teams react on his medical news and how that shapes his market. He may soon face an Eric Lapointe-style contraction of his monetary value and perceived role with a new suitor if his injury woes continue to mount. We shall see if that kicks in this FA cycle.

Oski Wee Wee,

8) Where do you get that $200 K amount from anyway ??? There is no way that Jesse would be seeking that ridiculous amount of money as a free agent, especially with his recent injury history.
  If Jesse ever thought that he was worth that amount of money in this league, and he held out for it, then that would be the end of his career in the CFL  !!!!

  No team is going to offer him anywhere near that amount  !!!       <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Lets see...

Jesse has helped the cats win about 12 games in the four injury riddled years he has been here. He has never rushed for over 1000 yds. He averages about 1 1000 game per season. He is a medocre receiver and a disinterested blocker.

Don't think Obie doesn't know all this. Why do you think that he invited Jesse to shop around his services. Obies is hoping that Jesse and his Dad will finally realize that teams can't pay that kind of money to Jesse cause with exception of abot 5 games in 4 seasons, Jesse has been all hype and no substance...check out how many sub 50 yd games as opposed to + 100 yd games. If JL signs here it will be for peanuts,

JL aqnd Daddy should have signed last year...see what happens when you are greedy?

The only thing working in JL's favour is that the Argos are such a train wreck right now that they will sign anyone with a name, to divert attention from the fact that they s,,, so bad.

I have a gut feeling about Jesse, too. I have a feeling that he's going to have at least one awesome game in which the fans (of whatever team he's playing for) get excited and think "damn... this guy is amazing" and then he's going to get a paper cut while reading the Spectator and miss 8 games.

I have a gut feeling about Rusty25.

He doesn’t have the guts

to mock Jesse about his injuries to his face. :lol: :smiley:

I am really pleased with myself for
coming up with this comment, Rusty

I find it to be really funny.

It strikes right at your manhood
just like your’s strikes at Jesse’s.

I wonder Rusty25, do you find my comment funny?

I find it funny, Ron. Though I didn't react to Rusty's post as you did. I found it more sarcastic than mocking. I agree though, that people here sometimes do get quite personal and vicious in their attacks on players (and coaches), and say horrible things about their character, manhood, etc. I sure remember some awful things being said about Jason Maas and Brock Ralph. And you're right, the people who do that from the safety of their computers would never have the courage to do so in person... like schoolyard bullies everywhere, they are all bluster.

To the issue at hand, I agree with you about Lumsden and Obie. I think a reality check in the FA market will be quite salutary for Jesse and Neil. They may well find that Hamilton ain't such a bad place to be after all. But I suppose the comparison isn't between what he was offered last year and what he may be offered by another team... I think that might very well have favoured Hamilton. Now though, it's what he may be offered elsewhere versus what Obie has available to offer him now. We'll probably offer him less now than we did last season, because Obie probably views him realistically, as a talented runner but a part-time player with a limited range of other skills as you pointed out, and because he's spent money on Keith and others. There may well be a team that would envision a larger role for him than we'd have in mind, and is willing to beat our new price. If so, he'll take it. If not, maybe he'll stay. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Personally, I'm not too worried about it one way or the other.

I think that Rusty's remarks were made more out of frustration than anything else. IHe isn't the first one to question Jesse's toughness. Jesse is kind of a tragic case...tons of promise but just can't seem to put it together because of injuries.

All that being said.....Jesse is a pro athlete who is paid to play and deliver results on a regular basis. Injuries are part of football and if Jesse is too tall or too muscular or too upright or unlucky or whatever, and he fails to contribute, he is open for critisism.

I don't know how sucessful the latest surgery is and for the sake of the CFL in general, I hope he can come back as good as new. I don't think it's unreasonable however to express a concern that Jesse will probably hurt him self again. There are a few fans who still cling with desperation to the idea that Jesse is the best back in the CFL, and that he will lead the Cats into contention but for every one of them there are many who feel otherwise.

At this point I just hope his career isn't over at 26.

You know Ron, it strikes me that Jesse really doesn't need you to "fight his battles," but your response to Rusty was a little over the top. The point Rusty was making through sarcasm (you've been known to use a little sarcasm yourself), was the frustration that comes with a player like Jesse...such amazing raw talent, the kind that has fans dreaming of Grey Cup victories, combined with the reality that on so many occasions he has been unable to answer the bell. Throw in his one foot in, one foot in greener pastures approach to Hamilton, and the worst on field performance of any franchise in the history of the CFL...well it seems to me that a little sarcasm is not all that out of line.

jesse bashing is as rampant in Hamilton as CFL bashing is in Toronto :roll: Setta Said on otr that the Team respects J.L and he IS a Great Football Player and Football Players get hurt, its part of the Game . Sign Lumsden NOW Obie!!!

Ron can say this:
"Maybe it is Jesse who is dreaming, Sportsscallion.
Ain't gonna be not 'Pot o' Gold' offers on Feb 16th.
Injuries..damaged goods...risk, and all."
but when rusty says basically the same thing in an over the top sarcastic way its bad. Too much 'rah rah ron'.
I hope they get it done and Lumsden stays. I dont blame him for looking for the most money he can get and shopping around. There are only so many years in an athletes career and they should take every penny they can get when able to. The cats offered him some contracts and whether its off the table now or not doesnt matter really cus its his bargaining price point and if someone beats it, bye jesse and good luck.

If only we knew what JL was thinking :lol:

Ron, to steal a line that I heard somewhere else...

Why don't you get off your cross, build a bridge with the wood and GET OVER IT!

I buy tickets to games, buy jerseys that are over priced (really... they're just oversized t-shirts), buy other merchandise and regularily promote the CFL game to my friends... IMO that gives me the right to be critical of players. I was in no way disrespecting his "manhood". Without fans what does the CFL have? Trust me... with the Ticats as crappy as they've been... THEY NEED TO KEEP ANY FAN THEY CAN!

Good day.

Jesse was a guest DJ on y108 last week for approximately 4 hours, The way he was speaking about the team is that he will be back, It sounded like he loves the Hammer. I think he wants to be here when this thing gets turned around.

Jesse did a good job as a guest DJ.

Even if you don't spend a dime on this team, Rusty25

you are entitled to state your opinion that a player
who is injured too often is a liabilty to his team.

As you may have guessed, my preference
would be that people leave it at that.

I can't stop people from slamming Jesse
for something he has no control over

and feels so terribly about

but when they rub it in his face with derogatory comments
my response to their comments may go over the top, too.

That's just me.

A considerate fellow not prone to bad-mouthing people but..

ron...........Rusty..................you are both posters I respect, so come together here, shake hands, that's right, now all is forgotten and let's move on like the true gentlemen you both are. :smiley:

I think the best thing Lumsden could do is take the 2009 season ( off the field ) and work on getting completely healed....re shoulder, in rehab work, weight training, etc. I hope he considers it. I think he came back to soon from the first injury. At 26....if in his shoes, I would give it serious thought. Because the flip-side of the coin is real bad news, as far as "any contract" value goes. Meaning... that he will have to sign for much less in 2009...regardless. If he does sign with Hamilton...or anyone else in 2009 and gets hurt again ????? His football days would be over....period.
And that would be a dam shame....not just for Lumsden, but the CFL as a whole. :cry: :cry: :cry: