I hate to say it but....

... the NFL is playing more entertaining football right now!!!

Whew. There. I said it! But it's true. And it's all due to the fact that they pass down the middle. I got so bored of watching the Cats run seven yard out patterns... ALL SEASON!

We've gotta get our game back! I've been a fan since 1976 (where are you now, Jimmy Edwards?) and this is the most predictable, boring football I've seen - north of the border, that is!

Bring back the Tight End!

That's quite a revelation there ub40, never quite thought about it like that but you have a point. 8)

good post have to agree.

I dislike posts that simply reflect or echo newspaper stories of the day. Heck, I hate that radio scribes simply relay newspaper stories too.

I didn’t mean to repeat any newspaper stories… I haven’t read any to that effect… I just had to vent!

I just want to see a couple of frickin’ crossing routes for a change!

I think suggesting we threw 7 yard outs all season is pretty generous… try 4 yard outs and 20 yard “bombs” that nobody caught

4 yards outs? My favorite was the 1 yd. behind the line of scrimmage out. That one always brought the fans out of their seats.*

  • to get coffee
  • to go to the washroom
  • to go to the car

Mervyn Fernadez routinely turned those into 15 plus yds, and a few TDs. Others have had some success as well. They can produce...when done right...with the right personel...at the right time...when the defense has to worry about other plays that are also being executing right...with success....etc.

Ah.... but you missed the significance of the word 'out'-
as in 'out at the plate'
or 'out of the running'
or 'out of your mind'.

Swervin' Mervyn also had the back-up cast and an offense THAT WASN'T BUILT AROUND THIS PLAY!

Sorry.... got a tad emotional there.

exactly what I was gettin at. :thup:

Emotional??? Well,I guess. I never thought I'd see Mark get so excited that he'd resort to using CAPITAL letters.

As to the exciting NFL lately, I agree. Like Jeff Garcia, I think it is somewhat due to the influence of QB's who have had CFL experience. Jeff has pointed out that CFL teaches a QB that he doesn't have any downs to waste, and when that translates to the NFL, first down is no longer a comfort zone. When all teams realize this, defenses may become a little more focused.

As to our Ticats, let's hope Taaffe will exhibit more imagination than we've seen the past three years. Those screen passes are DOA without effective blocking.

I agree.. and not only because the Cats were so horrid and not only in light of the recent Globe article. The NFL this year has consistently staged more entertaining games.

The CFL still has the potential to be as good as it was but thats up to the competition committee to rectify what dogged the excitement in 2006.

I'll admit that the NFL playoffs have been interesting but the regular season is the same run, run, pass, punt! wow not too exciting. The reason the NFL can use the TE down the middle is because most teams are now playing a 2 deep zone. (i'm assuming most of you know what that is) and that's the most vulnerable part of that particular defense. The CFL doesn't have that luxury with the half-backs covering the slot receiver and the saftey in the middle of the field its more difficult to attack because most of the time you'll be throwing into double coverage. In the CFL all teams will allow you to throw a 5 yard out, if you can make the first guy miss you can get a big gain. If not people complain about it.

I hope that Taafe and Working will bring back the Te.

If you didn't know Jimmy Edwards is in Heaven now. Died a couple of years ago at a relatively young age. There was a moment of silence at one of the games.

Yes those were the days when you had to listen to the game on the radio or be at the stadium.

Yes it's surprising to see NFL and CFL scoring is close to the same level.

:lol: I have to agree with that. I am not an offensive coordinator by any stretch of the imagination, but that was horrible. I hope we never have to suffer that kind of play calling and play execution ever again, LOL. I remember at the beginning of the season I was so puzzled yet still gitty about all the all-stars on the roster. I bought into the line about the offense needing time to gel. I don't know when I finally accepted it that the offense stunk. Everytime I saw that 4 yd pass I was shocked, that they had ran it AGAIN. It never stopped. Well, let's hope for better things.