I hate to say and admit but...................

I must admit this one hurt, as a Stamp fan losing to the Riders, but after a few days of reflection and as the GC draws closer I truly believe that if any team has a chance to knock off the Al's its the Riders. From the top it starts with the coaching staff, I believe there is so much respect for Ken Miller from his players + the class he has shown in the past 2 years makes him a winner.

Durant, who'd of thought, this guy pisses me off! always finds a way to escape and win. So young, so good and look out. The receiving corps, wow , they'll all kill ya with timely plays. The D line speaks for itself, tough and opposing QB's HAVE to be looking for them.

I live the west, Go Riders? I don"t know... do I want revenge and hope the Al's knock em off, yea maybe, but mostly I hope for a bar burner of GC that all Canucks can be proud of and if the Riders should win, well then enjoy it Rider fans and congrats to a classy coaching staff.

Humble Stamp fan..................Go CFL GC Sunday!!

Well done! :thup:

I'm even touched ... :oops:

Awesome post!

I'm on leave from work today but I get a call from someone at work with some trivial problem, but I live like 1 min away so I cheerfully agree to come in and look at it (I like my work, and my customers are my top priority always).

Walk in, see some people standing around grimacing at me, I say hi, big smile on my face. Walk over to my work area, which I have done a million times, so I wasn't paying attention to my surroundings. There are a lot of people near my desk, I pay no mind. Once I get into my work area I look up and WTF?!?!


My monitor had a RR tshirt over it, there were 3 RR cups on my desk. My cabinets had a RR logo flag over one and a provincial flag over the other!!! My 4 chairs had 2 RR jerseys and 2 RR shirts covering their backs.

Apparently my reaction was gold. I looked up since I was so oblivious and literally said "What the F#$@?!"

Everybody was watching and man, it worked out great for them. I got my picture taken with it all, took it like I champ, I got Punk'd good by an awesome Rider fan.

Got all my Bomber stuff they took away back, now I need to put it all back up, but it was worth it!


I'm going to make a post about it and post the pics but they went to my work email account so will have to wait until Wednesday since I have Monday off and am tasked out Tuesday.

This is the first Grey Cup (or any championship game) where I'll be happy regardless of which team wins. Like you Stamps, I'll be cheering for a great game, and may the best team win!

I just wish the damn game would get here already! :lol:

As much as I hate to, I have to go for the Als in this one. After all the close calls these guys deserve one more. Let AC get that monkey off his back. He'll still only be 2-5 in GC but it is one more big one for him. Then - retire AC :lol: . The East is getting mighty boring with him around, if you know what I mean :wink: .

Go Al's...only team that really deserves the Cup this year!

I agree they dominated the season, if they lose this one it's because they beat themselves, Als are the better team

i dont want AC to retice. i want him to get the records. I find him to be more classy then Damon allen was. although that could just be the two different ara's of football. sask definately deserves to be there more then the stamps this year. I hope tressman stays with the als, but it would make sense for the mighty NFL machine to scoop him up. GO ALS GO. i cant in good concience hope for the riders.

Don’t worry about AC retiring…what ever the outcome of today’s game, he said, last week in an interview, that he still has a couple of good years in him and wants to play as long as he can contribute to the team’s success.

The way AC is playing now and with his new get-in-shape program, I'd say he's good for another few years no question.

Yeah, but some times it's good to duck out early. If Montreal wins, this would be the perfect way to end his career.

Thanks Chief, very nice to hear. GO RIDERS!!!