I hate to play the what if game, but . . .

. . . if we clinch the East on Friday, what are the odds we rest some of the starters and get some of the youngsters some time?

I'd really like to see Reggie The Real Deal McNeal worked into a gameplan before the playoffs. I think a guy with his versatility ads a wrinkle to the offense that the oppenent must prepare for.


If we do have 1st place clinched on Friday, starters will get rested, but I think McNeal is viewed as being a potential 2nd or 3rd string qb for next year. I doubt there is enough time to work this promising youngster into the offence before the playoffs..the offence can't get working with the group that have been in there all season.

Lets hope next year he can contribute some versatility & much needed wrinkles for next season.

I would like to see the kids on the practice roster get a chance to play...maybe Damon Allen could get one last chance to throw a TD pass before he retires.
Andre Proulx isn't reffing I hope.lol

I would love to see Durie get some playing time.