I hate to beat a dead dog but...

...a little deja vu here.
You got off luck Brock.


The Denver Broncos are screaming mad after the NFL weighed in on an altercation between Broncos center Tom Nalen and Chargers DT Igor Olshansky.

FOXSports.com has learned that the league fined Nalen a whopping $25,000 for going down after Olshansky edit "hit" below the knees on a simple spike play in the waning minutes of Sunday night's game. Olshansky, who retaliated with a punch and was ejected from the game, was fined less than half that -- $10,000. Even though Nalen's fine was much more significant than Olshansky's, Nalen's action drew no flag.
Denver officials are furious with the fine and it's expected that Nalen will appeal such a move. After Olshansky was kicked out of the game his head coach Marty Schottenheimer was seen lambasting the young defensive lineman for the infraction.

Clean hit, there shouldn't have been a fine.

i ll let the nfl officials decide. obviously the fine illustrates just how dirty that type of play is. Anyone that doesnt understand how dirty that play is doesnt understand football. ok here we go ill be waiting for everyone to come out of the woodwork and sound off how i shouldnt cast these comments over everyone but im sorry it is without a doubt one of the most cowardly plays you can do. im happy it was dealt with firmly.

You're learning.

Stick to the topics and avoid the posters.

What separates football from the other dominant contact sport here in NA, hockey, is the discipline factor. Great to see that a punch cost Olshanksky this fine even though someone took a cheap shot at his knees. This is how it should be done, at least Nalen got double the fine but should have gotten a penalty right away, guess the refs missed that. But you do not fight cowardly like in hockey and this I like. You get the guys number, or someone on your team gets his number, and give him a taste of his own medicine afterwards, something with no intent to injure but a good friggin hit and then stare him down.

I know some people will use this circumstance to say hockey has it right, let the two guys fight and just a 5 minute penalty for each but I disagree, fighting and sports don't mix no matter how long fighting has been in a sport and is "part of the game." Yes, in hockey now it is a tactic to be used to turn a game around because the NHL only gives a 5 minute penalty to two guys squaring off but this "tactic" should be eliminated from the game.

Yea , in 1954 maybe. :roll:

Geoffery,I brought this subject up when Brock Ralph took that cheap shot,all I heard is how it was a clean hit...so on and so on.....
to make a long story short dont waste your breath in here,trying to explain a clean hit from a dirty hit......

NWO and myself were also on the side of Gass. Not that he handled it properly but we could sure understand where he was coming from.

I totally agree with you Geoffery,but when I mentioned that I was almost run out of here....

Run out by people who don't know the game??... I can live with that.

As long as I know and people who have actually played the game know ...that's all that matters.

And obviously the NFL know it too.