I hate ticketmaster...

Me and my friends already have our grey cup tickets, but now my cousin wants to come with us and so I am trying to get him one of the two seats on either side of us. Anyway trying to get certain seats from ticketmaster is just ****ing terrible. If you try to get them off their site they just give a random seat; They barely let you narrow it down either. Hell the closest I can narrow it down is that I want the upper deck on the East side.

Then trying to phone Ticketmaster... ****ing awful. You get a million automated messages before finally hanging up the phone in frustration. Getting a human being seems practically impossible.

So finally I am going to go down to the ticketmaster outlet in the MTS center on Monday and deal with a person. The fact that I have to go to all this trouble just to get a human really drives me nuts. Hopefully that ticket is still available.

You'll probably have to pay a handling fee if they move you! :wink: :wink:

Ticket master is practically every mall. But I think you are handling it right...in person!

I hate that system. They always offer you the same seats until someone else buys them. Those seats THEY consider to be the best available may not reflect what YOU think is a good seat.

No kidding, the lady I talked to on the phone, was terrible...
Kind of thought she was suspect, when she told me I was sitting 15 yards from the finish line.
I said 'huh'' she say's, "you know the finish line"...hope I have tckets to the right event..lol