I HATE the new NHL rules.

Just a quick question...have any of you coached any hockey? I have spent years in the system and I think that the new rules are great for the game. Way more flow and intensity. Guys will have to be in top notch shape to keep up with the new offensive-minded system. Harder to defend against and more man coverage.

I haven't ever coached hockey, but I've spent over 30 years worshipping the game - basically I became a fan the day I was born, thanks to my father! I can't wait to see the new rules in place. I've been whining that they should get rid of the red line for years now. . .however, I'm torn on the new rule about instigating a fight in the last five minutes of a game. That used to be one of my favourite parts - waiting to see who was going to send their goons out first!!

The red line elimination is good news…a la CIS hockey and if anyone’s seen it before they could make NO argument agaisnt it…now, back to football…

I'm with you pennw. Who cares about the NHL, with its greed from the owners down to the no longer good all Canadian boys. This game has been sold out for years to the American who couldn't care else about the Canadian teams. The only saviour would be an all Canadian NHL version, break away from the US.

Personally I put most of the greed on the players and very little on the owners

I want to see the new rules before I jugde them, but if the ring doesn't look like the Canadain flag, then I be against most of the new chages. No touch Iceing sounds good, and a OT Shootout is cool but I think it should be done after a short OT (4th) period and in the playoffs and not the regular season.

I don't like the sound of the new schedule and the NHL should get rid of the OT lose point cuz it effects the standings WAY too much and doesn't effect the ties, instead it lets a team with a bad record make the playoffs while a team with a win over the other does make it.

BUT the new NHL logo looks really cool!

I'd like it if the ring look like this flag (red line, blue line, redline, blue line, red line)

--What do you mean?? The nets arent getting bigger at all, they're just shrinking the gear slightly. That's ok though, I dont blame ya. I know Eskimos fans are a little slower than the rest :wink:

I would like to see the nets bigger because I cant see the refs measuring the pads before every game.

Also it would increase scoring.
1-0 games are so YAAAAAWWWWWWNNNNN exciting

--Umm, I dont think youre thinking this through about the Canadian flag as an ice sheet thing. Namely in the fact that it means people will be skating all over it, and chewing it up. Carving up the maple leaf, falling on it. Disrespectful...

However, I will agree with you that the NHL symbol does look cool. I love the silver, as opposed to that orange crap.

As far as I know the shootout is after a 5 minute OT period.
You have to have it during reg season. I want to see a winner and a loser.


I said red line blue line red line... ah you get the idea.

KK, no way should there be a shootout in the playoffs to end a game. I don't even like the idea of it in other leagues during playoffs. A shootout in the NHL playoffs is just wrong. I have no reasonable argument as to why it shouldn't be implemented that way, I just don't like the thought. I love the thought of a shootout in the regular season - I agree that there should be a winner and a loser in every game - but not in the playoffs.

You guys know that the 20-team playoff isn't happening, right? That was a rejected suggestion that will be looked at for future years. Personally, I don't like it. The 8th playoff team generally isn't that good. The 9th and 10th teams are generally downright bad.

Steve-O: 5-on-5 overtime WITH NO GOALIES? No offense, but that might be the worst idea I've ever heard. And how would it be better than a shootout?

I like the shootout. I saw one at an AHL game last year and it was exciting - bottomline. The losing team still gets its point, so it's all good. Sure, it's not a "team" thing, but it is an opportunity for the NHL to actually sell its best players and showcase their talents.

The goalie restriction zone really doesn't make any sense to me. Most of the time, if a goalie ventures too far from his net, he ends up making a mess of things and often leads to a turnover. What's wrong with that? And if a talented guy like Brodeur (and he is one of just a handful of goalies with good puck skills) can help his team, why not let him? It doesn't have such a huge affect on play that would require this change, does it?

Looking forward to the season! Leafs Suck! Go Sens Go!

...and I have to disagree with that, Cuz I think that a PO game that comes down to a Shootout after 4 peroids or play would be a great test of endurance. That is the best way to settle a Playoff game, cuz in the end you have a winner and loser.

The CFL uses the same system in a OT sistuation as well.

Regular season shootouts are fine. Even the players and league agree that half of the regular season sucks, and that's why they are implementing shootouts there only.

I've paid to see too many crappy tie games where teams are happy to be conservative and take the single point in the standings. A shootout would at least make all those slow games vs. the Minnesota Wild interesting if it ends in a tie.

However, shootouts in the playoffs is wrong! Playoff hockey is always very intense, and overtime really proves the character of a team.

The thought of the Stanley Cupchampion being decided by a shootout would be like a tie game in Grey Cup or Superbowl decided by a quarterback challenge, where the quarterbacks have to throw a ball through a tire at different distances to decide who wins the title. It would be incredibly anticlimactic and just leave a bad taste in everyone's mouth.

I would quit watching hockey if they put a shootout in the playoffs. But they never will. Playoff OT hockey is the most exciting thing in sports.

The thing I don't get is where are the new rules that the AHL used last year that were so suceesful:

No-touch Icing
Tag-up Offisides (What is that BTW?)
Shootout after Overtime
Wider Blue and Red Lines

All that I see that carried over was Smaller Goal padding? WTF?

Can anyone tell me the AHL rules that they are going to use now in the NHL, and the new rules the AHL intrudenced last season? I really appeseate it!

...and is the NHL going to intuduce any other new rule besides thos meationed by Steve???

I mentioned pretty much all the new rules in my post. They are introducing Tag-Up Offsides- which is if you were in the offensive zone offside you can go back to the neutral zone to erase the pending offside call and go back in. They are also putting in shootouts so I dunno wtf you're talking about KK.

OK, not bothering to read everything, there’s too much … but here are my two cents (I’ve been dying to vent this somewhere).

No red line, well, we’ll see. Either it will work, or it will backfire (like every other rule change instituted by Bettman). Larry Robinson said on OTR that he would just play a 1-3-1 system if there was no red line. Great - an even worse trap! But, maybe it will be easier to move the puck through the neutral zone. I wish they’d kept 2-line passes as illegal, but I can live - somewhat - with this one.

Shootouts are CRAP. This is just a gimmick to entice the apathetic, don’t-know-what-hockey-is American fan. Shootouts are WAY too random. You play a team game for 65 minutes and your whole result balances on 2 or 3 guys? Give me a break. Your goalie could be having an awful game, but the rest of your team could keep you in it. But then you get to a shootout, and all that hard work is for nothing. There’s no better example of this than from this year’s FA Cup final between Man U and Arsenal. Man U COMPLETELY dominated Arsenal, 100%, throughout regular time and sudden-death (a total of 120 minutes). Arsenal won, though, 5-4 in a shootout. A shootout is way too random to award an extra point over.

The rule that goalies can’t handle the puck is stupid. Why not make them fair game outside of their crease, or if they’re further than 10’ from their net? I bet you’d see much fewer goalies going for the puck, but it would speed up play if there was a long dump-in, for example.

They are sticking with 16 teams in the playoffs - for now. And, that’s a good thing. The season’s too long as it is.

I hate the NHL so much … I love hockey passionately, but the NHL sucks. Funny, this all happened as soon as Bettman, an American, took over.

You know how to increase scoring, decrease obstruction, make the game more interesting, etc? Get rid of all the teams south of Denver! No more Anaheim, Phoenix, Carolina, Florida, Nashville, Atlanta, Tampa, Dallas, LA … these aren’t hockey markets. If you have to keep 2 of those, keep Dallas and LA, they seem to be getting by (somehow).

Stupid NHL. I’ll still watch it, but only as I’ve watched it before - the Canadian teams (Flames especially). Oh yeah, that’s the other thing that sucks. Over here in the Northwest, we’ll have to wait 2 years between visits from the Habs and Leafs.

Second only to watching paint dry

Man I have no use for hockey