I Hate the Cats and I'm sick of........

So an Argo fan comes on our website, gives us some very good reasons to calm down, but oh no...drumming god has to challenge him and rehash all the potential reasons the TiCats will have another horrible season.

We might as well throw in our Tiger Towels because all is lost.

Oh, the humanity...

Drumming_God better put his tinfoil hat back on.

Yeah I felt the same way. Thanks for posting that TO.

Im sick of the word gell we have football stars on this team ;its not too much to ask them to produce right now is it?

has anyone thought that maybe montreal's D played a pretty tight game? smart adjustments for vet squad!

BINGO…a good part of it…not all but give credit to Montreal!

Now a warning to “rifral”…you are new here…be carefull…some people don’t take too kindly to common sense around here! :lol:

All kidding aside…welcome to the site! :thup:

bring em on... i'll eat em raw!

Of course it is. Especially for the offence.
They’ve not played together and most have never played Pao Pao’s system.

why is everybody so scared to play Calgary they looked bad in the first game and got a lucky win then lost game 2. Even people here in Calgary say they are lucky to be 1 - 1

LMAO....everybody relax!

I dont believe the ti-cats are being beat by their opponents they are beating themselfs.When your fieldgoal kicker cant kick fieldgoals,he's not even coming close,those were ugly kicks.Cost us 9 points.We are also getting way to many penalties,we also had a D.B. that cant cover anyone.We also have no running game what so ever,thats not a team thats trying to gell,thats a team that wants to watch football from home in November.the eastern confrence is to strong of a division to beat yourself 2 weeks in a row.We were in both of these games we lost because of stupid mistakes,and a (WHAT SEEMS TO ME)a boring playbook.Thats why we complain.

To loose is exceptable
TO except loosing is not. :x

Didn't the San Diego Chargers a few years back start the season 5-0 and then went on to miss the playoffs.
Lot's of time here, what we need is for everyone to say a few prayers or whatever for the injuries to heal quickly so the boys can be near their best.

There is no good reason for losing!Losing is never ok!When you start accepting losing you become a loser!

Maybe the problems are with the coaches. I was a season ticket holder in ottawa and watch a good team do nothing and now the same is happening. Sure joe is loved by the players, maybe that is the problem. Just like in TO ,what is the use a having a player like williams when you have austin as a coach.

Right on Pikk:
I agree that the problem is coaching, despite the super talent on this club.
Paopao has never won anything significant and Marshall already admits that Paopao knows more about the game than he does.
While on the coaching topic, you may wish to take a close look at Reed and Erdman to see what their “win” records were in the past couple of seasons.
This team is definitely lacking good, seasoned CFL coaches.