I Hate the Cats and I'm sick of........

…the fans’ impending need to restructure this team ASAP. For goodness sake, it’s only 2 games into an 18 game season in a league where 75% of the teams make the playoffs. You guys have aquired a ton of talent this offseason,a nd it takes time, most especially in football, for a team to gel. With so many new players, they need to learn each other’s tendencies, their faults, their ups and their downs, and once they’ve grown together, they’ll get better. I don’t see why everyone is so hard on the coach, the kicker, the QB and pretty much everyone else. If you start replacing starters in the wink of an eye, you’ll pretty much be back at square one (and I don’t mean the mall). It’ll take some time, but the nucleus and the potential on this team is almost scary…give it some time, and stop complaining. It’s hard to lose, yes, but when you start coming up with ideas to reform the team head to toe, it’s sounding ludicrous IMO. Marshall is good, Boreham will get better, Maas will most definitely improve.

No worries…seriously.

Well said.

thank you for making sense. I agree 100%
everyone needs to stop looking for people to complain about and give the coaches, the players, specifically the starters the opportunity to click and find thier rythym. Seriously, the team knows what thier doing

I was all riled up and ready to yell at you for posting something audacious here in our forum.......but that was very well said. Thanks for ruining my fun!

hmmm...a argo fan trying to lead us down the garden path..or a smart analysis from an outsider??

for what its worth..i agree! oh no..i agree with an argo fan...

well...when 3 outta 4 eastern teams make the playoffs, and winnipeg lookin stronger than most thought, it is possible to fall behind early and never catch back up to the pack.

it is very possible for the cats to lose to calgary and winnipeg to beat edmonton this week, putting them 4 points up on the cats.

that plus the cats tough schedule...calgary, montreal, calgary, montreal....things can start off 0-6 in a hurry...something they likly wont rebound from.

Just because the peg won one game doesn’t mean they’re a playoff team. I’m not sold on Glenn at all, he could have been picked 3 times friday, one of which would have been returned for a t.d. Once a team finds the weakness in their D their season will be over.

honestly, and this isn't an Argo-bias, but the Argos were a capable QB away from taking that game......Wynn made too many mistakes and held onto the ball too long.

Winnipeg has a fantastic defense, but their offense looks stoppable.

hey, lets be honest...winnipeg looks more like a playoff team then the ticats do.

both have played montreal and toronto.

winnipeg played montreal very tight and beat the argos....

hamilton wasnt close in either game.

lose your hamilton bias, and honestly evaluate whos looked better...its winnipeg!

I didn't say that Hamilton looked better so far......I made a statement that overall, when the season is over, Hamilton will be a much better team than they are now.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again:

  1. Montreal
  2. Toronto or Hamilton
  3. Toronto or Hamilton
  4. Winnipeg

this is your opinion…cuz nothing, so far, indicates this to be true.

even if they become a better team then they are now, nothing says winnipeg wont be aswell…especially is the cats go 0-6, while the bluebombers just chill at .500

The talent that Hamilton has is superior to the talent that Winnipeg has.

Last week the fans had them at 0-4, now they're going 0-6?

teamwork wins games, not a list of names on paper…or the rangers woulda won the stanley cup many times.

they are 0-2 now…lose to calgary, montreal, calgary then montreal and they are 0-6…and this is a very real possibility.

I'm with Drummer God. Why wait for the inevitable. If the Cats go 0 and 4, some positive steps MUST be taken, otherwise, even with the new talent on this team, they're likely to go down the tubes.
The entire league is very strong this year and the Ticats, once again, appear to be the weak link.

Teamwork does win games…and like I said, with new names on paper, it comes with time. Once this happens with the group of players assembled in Hamilton, I think they’ll be very very good.

your assuming this will eventually happen.

i like the odds of winnipeg beating edmonton this week far more than i like the chances of the ticats beating calgary.

As I was saying to someone else earlier, it’s hardly everyone. If you go back through all the threads, for about the first day or so following the game people were venting, which is understandable. Since then, well, it’s the same 6-10 people starting all the negative threads or making all the bleak comments in other threads. There are plenty of people here with intelligent analysis who haven’t panicked and thrown in the towel; they just get drowned out by the “Chicken Little Element”. And while I agree there are problems that need to be fixed, and I have nothing against trying to identify those problems and talking about them (after all, it’s a message board), I too get really tired of the polemical, over-the-top rhetoric.

It’s okay, though. In a couple of weeks when we have some wins, half of these people will be declaring us Grey Cup champions. The other half are impossible to please anyway. :wink:

Just trying to shine some light.....

I'd much rather have Hamilton finish the season strongly as they enter the playoffs hot, rather than being hot at the beginning of the season.

Remember what happened to BC last year? They went undeafeated for how long? Only to blow it at the end of the season and have that trend ultimately kill them in the playoffs.