I hate the Argos

Exactly. This is game day, they are the enemy...and shall be treated as such.. :twisted:

Who can actually hate Pinball? The guy IS the CFL.

I can't even hate Toronto. I mean, I don't like some of their players, but in the end rivalries on messenges boards have been made because of fans, and really, Toronoto has none! I think of tyhem as my little sister....., but Montreal, BC, and Sask on the other hand....(well sask I actyually like...)

Chief, I don't need any lessons on how to trashtalk. That's what got me banned in the first place :wink:

My apologies, Zeke. Didn't mean to include you in that group.

I suspect that a lot of Fans will be throwing there support to the Bombers simply because Toronto is Toronto and they would like to see Toronto loose. Let's hope these fans are in Rogers Center and make lots of noise when the Argo Offence is on the field. To fans from other teams, thank you for supporting the Bombers.

Defence,,,Defence,,,. If I may. The Argos averaged 31 000 this year with today's and last weeks games over 40 000. No too bad for a team that considered 20 000 good a few years ago. Things are completely full circle since I became a fan and sat in crowds of 9000 in Ham and 12 000 in TO. People are talking Argos like never before, on the radio and have great TV numbers. I can not complain. In a stadium of 30 to 35k, we would be an outstanding success.

As for my wonderful city, last time I checked the population sign reads 2.6 million. Over half were never born in this country and probably don't even know where your city is, never mind what the CFL is. If you going to include all the subs like 500k Missisauga, you might as well include them in Hamilton's numbers too. You know we are only 60km away from each other? So then really we have two teams. One crappy, one great, and both well attended. CFL is alive and fine in Southern Ontario.

It's great that Toronto does have fans who support the CFL. They shouldn't be tarred with the same brush as the media and other fans who whine about the NFL being better. If I am in the USA, I will go to an NFL game. If I am in Canada, I go to a CFL game. There is a border that seperates the two and it should stay that way.

Actually, I think Eiben is a pretty good player. I just think he has a tendancy to overplay the run and I'm hoping that he misses Charles Roberts on a few cutbacks this aft.

well one pre_dx the leafs are great and two the bombers can put the numbers on the board

Yeah, whatbringyourgame said.

I see the number 9 for Winnipeg.

Unfortunately Toronto says 32