I hate the Argos

As a Bomber fan I can't say it any plainer than this: I hate the Argos. I've always hated the Argos. Pompous goons, full of themselves. Eiben is a perfect Argo. He reminds me of ... well, all the Argos I've ever hated, right back to the days of Mel Profit. This style of ball they play makes me want to gag: Stubler thinks he's coaching the New Jersey Devils at the height of the Trap era.
Here's my prediction for Sunday:
Bombers will explode for 27 points, while the Argos won't even score 10.
Take that Kevin Eiben.
Can't wait to see Damon Allen come off the bench in relief of Michael Bishop once Tom Canada, Gavin Walls and Mr. Big-in-Your-Face Doug Brown drop the hammer.
After that, it's going to be All Blink- All the Time, with Stegall racking up 10 catches for 125 yards and 2 touchdowns.


Why are you telling God you hate the Argos. God doesn't care God only hates the leafs :wink:

Let me see if Im getting this right. Now your saying you dislike the Argos.

gangtackle. See why the silence and Eiben trash talk combined

gangtackle. See why the silence and Eiben trash talk combined

Thanks Bobby. Will do. Didn't mean to start a whole new thread. (But I really do hate the Argos.)

Ill go you bring it on... Im trying to get some energy happening in the other game.

Good work.

I'm with ya gangtackle. 2 things I love about the CFL are the Esks missing the playoffs and Argos losing but that goes for anything Toronto, AKA, the eidt of Canada.

yeah I hate the Argos too! Toronto aint worthy to have the Grey Cup, as half of them probably dont even know what the Grey Cup is.

I heard Bob McCowan and Jim Kelly drooling all over the mike about the great party Toronto was throwing for the Grey Cup and how it was going to take the whole event to the next level ... the next level presumably being "sophisticated" in that Toronto way that the rest of us "hicks" can only dream of. All of which means that people will be standing around dressed totally in black, sipping white wine and pretending to be bored. Ooooh sounds like fun to me.

It's gonna be a party because Canadians are going to the Grey Cup.

Even Toronto hates the Argos...5 million people in the GTA and they get 25,000 people at a home game..what does that say?

It says that there are 25,000 people who are not NFL sheep

I think you're just scared :lol:

Hey Swervin, Zeke, and Bobby, now this is trash talking. You guys could learn a thing or two. Notice his remarks are about the team and he's saying what will happen during the game. No where does he insult the fans of the Argos or the citizens of Toronto.

The NFL did play some pre-season games in Toronto and attendance was nothing to write home about, so a culturally diverse city such as the Center of the Universe may have blown their chance at an NFL franchise.


Great site...I agree...

yah but you gotta love Pinball.

The Pinball is a rodent in my book, right now..
Down with Pinball, and his stinking Boatmen..