I Hate The Argos and It Sucks

Moved to Canada in 1962 when 8. First lived in Streetsville and life was centred on Toronto. Then we moved to Hamilton in '63.

I've always though rampant nationalism silly. In High School I thought battles between schools silly. That's why I just can't figure out why I hate the Argos so much. Seriously.... it's pathological. Yet I'm a reasonable guy and I LOVE Pinball and I DO think that on Labour Day there probably should have been a roughing the passer call.

BUT I'll be at BMO calling down devastation on the Argos this weekend.

I think that it's the Labour Day game feeling that's seeped into my blood. BUT....

From this Cat fan to CFL fans who sadly - but understandably - support the Argos..... I SALUTE YOU.

You fight an uphill battle and it's a good fight in a city that looks down its nose at a great game. Hang in there and please continue to be the object of my friendly but heartfelt ridicule and contempt.

(Think I need therapy?) :smiley:

From one Mark to another, firstly Great name. haha. Lived in Mississauga my first 40 years. Anyhow I'm hearing from many who believe that that should have been called and I do believe that was when Ray got injured. I'm surprised that Milo and Barker have just let it ride. Actually it pisses me off. How does a total class act like Ray, a sure Hall Of Fame qb who's as tough as nails and doesn't EVER whine and bitch get treated like shite. Everyone can talk about Harris and Collaros all they want but Ray is tougher then both put together. I like those young guys but they've yet to win squat.

Now that the season looks over for TO it's time to see what Lefevour can do. I like Fajardo and I'm sure the new young guy can be a good CFL qb. Kilgore needs to be cut!!!!!

Agreed. Kilgore sucks.

Kilgore looks like the type that needs more non pressure time till he gets his confidence under game conditions. But he may never be more than a back up type.
Fajardo might turn out to be the better of the two. He can run and has size. But he’s not 6’5 like the Argo roster states. More like 6’1 or 2.
Going to be some tall thinking by the Argo brass this off season. Do they hold onto Ray who is at about 75% of what he used to be, or go for a young free agent QB like Franklin in Edmonton. I’m sure Chris Jones will have Franklin on his radar as well.

As much as I like Ray, the Argos can't make plans around him anymore. He's done.

Good - I shall make my way down to Argos in the morning and get my money back

anyone needing anger management therapy can I suggest this lady.

Even though this is an OLD topic, why the hell are you, clearly a ticats fan, posting in an argos forum?!

Despite all the haters, both within the league and from other sports that involve balls and grass, My Toronto Argonauts aren't going anywhere for the near future.

The CFL and the Argos are alive and well, all others can go to hell!

Ummm… because it was a friendly gesture from a fan of one team to the fans of another and expressed a mutual passion for the CFL game?

I guess that some people don’t like either the idea of a ‘friendly rivalry’ or receiving support and admiration for the fans of their team. Sorry I got you upset Batkinson. Maybe you can re-read my post to get its real gist.

All the best!*

*Even if you DO root for the worst team in the world. ;D

Ah yes, yawn…the worst type of CFL fan…almost bridging on sounding like a blind NFL fan. One of the best things about the CFL is the hated rivalry. It doesn’t mean we actually hate you guys…well kinda sort of, but more importantly it’s the rivalry hate that makes our rivalry so damned good and the best in the CFL. (Don’t tell that to an Albertan!) The Argo’s are only as strong as the TiCats and the TiCats only as strong as the Argo’s…just like the BoSox & Yanks. It a beautiful ugly thing. We can yell at each other during a game but hell, I’d share a beer with a rival fan any day to celebrate our love hate…and you can take that to the bank!
Cheers mate! 8)

But Catattack, the Argos do suck. They would have lost last week had it not been for the 2nd team the Cats were playing against. Ie. the refs and Review Booth Ireland!!