I hate kevin glenn




you show a clip of a Glenn touchdown and your post reads you hate Glenn, what’s up with that?

(How man. . .) -what don't you understand?

Putting myself in place of dignity re; my intent of this thread let's ask: if you were in Kevin Glenn's shoes. I am simply making a statement (which others belly aching about a non-suspension fail to deliver.)

If I were part of a union, I simply wouldn't care what unions say and do. That meaning I stand up for myself no matter what the cost. Clearly Glenn cannot do that. So instead, we have a bunch of prima donna's with which escape into their foxholes. (So much of canadian bravery or lack thereof. . .)

So if you are following what you just read: I pull no punches. Make no mistake. I am not all talk, because I've done it before.

So, this is more about sticking up for Kevin with some reverse psychology. "I hate Kevin Glenn" = cfl 'as if' they were saying that.

^That follows, my punchline. . . of watching Glenn pull the grenade against the same rivals (That Higgins was once a member of.)

I don't play the blame game. I stand the truth. With me or against me. A lot of people I know hate me because of it.

But I love it.

It appears the players union is running this league. They have weak people running the league to begin with. They don't want to pick a fight with the players union. This is why we have this situation and the rulings we have. What they should do when the next contract is renewed is smash the union. But in this town you will find no support in dealing with unions. As you are aware this is a socialist town. People will feel sorry for the unions in this city, instead of an injustice to Kevin Glenn.

There are three things that I know in life, which should I promise provide the reader with some form of intangible insight will also prove I am worthy of credibility under.

1 - That the Green Bay Packers should had never and I mean never not re-signed Brett Farve.

2 - I wish I could have a car as cool as the Knight Rider, but I can live with the tv show for now.

3 - Wayne Gretky's daughter. (I should hope) - were available to me.

^These are things that some people would agree with - others maybe not. However, that doesn't stop me from seeing what reality we are faced with. My point is, I am at least making the proposition for change as a possibility. It goes a for a heck of a lot in my books.

I would hope that this weekend the Bombers schemes on offense would focus on max protection for Glenn. If he takes a couple hits in this one like he did in the 4th quarter of last game, they are gonna put him out of the game, and possibly longer.

....IF that happens pigseye....i believe they''ll be picking Ray up off the carpet at some point in the game...and he'll have to head straight to the esks, dressing room....and not under his own power.... :twisted:


......you know its easy to start hating Glenn when he starts throwing the game away....horrible second quarter against the esks...i think we should play someone else in the second-half....before we are really embarrassed... :oops:

To be fair, the first one wasn't his fault, and actually would have been an easy 7 if he wasn't pushed as Edwards had his man beat.

...the same ol haunting for Glenn though....he can't bail-out cuz he can't run....sitting duck...and cuz he's too short ..he can't see the play down field when the lineman get in his face....i don't know why he doesn't adopt a Tommy Clements kind of game..when he gets in trouble...will he ever learn... :roll:

they were in his face all night, the bomber o-line were a bunch of turnstiles. Glenn's only effective when he has time to stand in there and deliver and even then it's dicey. Should have went with max. protection, but that would have been too easy. At this rate Glenn won't finish out the regular season, never mind the playoffs if they get so lucky.

Are you of the same opinion (with regard to Ray's time back there tonight) that our d-line didn't even get a sniff rushing the qb well until the 4th qrt.

I mean: this was inexcusible. where the f' did the guys go instead of showing up for work tonight.

Oh i know, 1st qrt.

No doubt, the Eskimos killed us in the trenches tonight, which like I said, all goes to laying a beating on the guy across from you. The Bombers lines played like a bunch of pansies with no killer instinct, despite talking a good game before hand. This scenario has become all too familiar this season.

...right-on Pigseye....if you talk the talk....you better walk the walk.....The Bombers came out like they wanted to blow the esks. away....then quietly retreated into that same pathetic shell....bent over and said , okay kick my a$$...If we would have had a few more Samuels' out there....different out-come....and for sure, the score would have been A LOT tighter... :x