I hate being this negative

I hate being this negative after almost every game, but there is really nothing to be positive about game in and game out. This coaching staff is killing any little bit of optimism we manage to muster on this list. It constantly amazes me how so many people on this list manage to maintain optimism. But I really think after this loss, it's going to be difficult for even the most optimistic here to find reasons to smile.
My only hope for optimism is that when I wake up tomorrow, Taaffe and company are gone and somebody who can count past three is at the helm.

If one pulled that kind of coaching stunt in a must-win game against an archrival at a Division 1 school in the States, what would do you think would be the fallout? Not pretty.

I know it would be trapdoor time in Morgantown. How about in Tigertown? Time will tell.

Oski Wee Wee,

the lack of media attention is saving his job, this was a fanatic city like philly, he would be gone.