I Had A Dream

I had a dream last night that the Riders beat the Als in the Grey Cup. And that was before they won 1st place in the East. I dont even like the Als and i didnt think they were gonna get that far, but my dream suggested otherwise. I dont remember the score but i remember they were wearing their Green and Black jerseys. Is it foreshadowing??? We will see. I dont have dreams like that ever. so maybe it was legit. Then again maybe it was just garbage...lol.

Are they still burning stubble in Regina?

They burn stubble in the spring…

Yeah the night Before the city finals of my soccer game. I was sleeping and i had like this 10 second dream of me looking up at the scoreboard and it said it was 2-3 for us and everybody was cheering and jumping up and down.

Then the next day the exact same thing happened it was kind of creepy.

Like, I never have dreams like that. So I dunno…

Dreams do happen...keep it for future reference and we'll check back with you later

sounds good to me

And manure gets placed on driveways late fall, whats your point BillyJoeBob?

In what year?

nice dream!!! I hope it comes true!!

Im thinking it was this year... I dunno why.

It is called 'vu ja de' ( yes i do mean that ) de ja vu is seeing something you've seen before... vu ja de is seeing somethign you think you'll see again..

I hope your right j man.. that'd deffinately be a great time to celebrate

One fan's dream may be another fan's nightmare and vice versa.

Holy crap, if you're going to have a true dream like that then you should be dreaming about women.lol


Dreams? I'd call those nightmares. Takie 4 sleeping pills and wake up at Christams! LOL LOL God that makes my side hurt! :lol:

Good luck at the game though. Niether side takes prisners! Drinks are on the house. Wow I thought I just saw Gainer. Emormous Rat! I have to go to the store for some traps. Anyway, have fun at the game.

Wtf was that about

The Dream Is Still Alive!

Any riders fans coming to Vancouver watch their team get thumped?