I had a Dream/Nightmare

Don't know how many of you caught the CISF Mitchell Bowl with Mac and the Calgary Dinos. Mac QB Kyle Quinlan threw for 412 yards and 3 TDs. He also ran for 3 TDs. Still, that was probably the 2nd last game of football he'll play (his last being the Vanier Cup). We all know that as a Canadian QB, he'll never be given a real shot with a CFL team. Sure, maybe an Obie will draft the local kid to build some fan interest but he'll never be given a chance to develop further. It's not like there's an AHL where guys can get some pro experience before trying the NHL. So while CISF QBs have zero chance of playing in the CFL, they'll bring in countless NFL rejects and retreads and US college wannabes.

My dream is that during the 100th GC festivities this week, Commish Cohon announces that the CFL will bring in a rule which would encourage/require CFL teams to develop Canadian QBs. My nightmare is that I know it isn't going to happen.

An Argo-Cat fan

Let's hope it doesn't happen. The reputation for the league would be tarnished by giving position to players that don't deserve it. We have heard this all before, "US coaches don't give Canadian QBs a fair shot" where is the proof?
But why do Canadian coaches cut Canadian QB too? I don't think the owners are behind it. It's the fact that they aren't as good as the players they are going up against.
Sinopoli make the Stamps, he is the best Canadian QB prospect in years. He proved that he's better than the other QBs he's gone up against. This guy has beat out import QBs, so he must have something special. That is the best way to win a spot on a football team................your ability.
The fact is most Canadian QBs have never faced defences with exNFLers with NCAA experience. The NCAA defences are bigger, stronger, faster and are better coached.

It's one position that we should never give positions to players just because they are Canadians.
If they are good enough fair enough, if they are faster, stronger and can throw the ball farther and more accurately than a QB an Import then they make the team it's as simple as that.

As much as I'd like to agree with BarneyFife in principle, from a practical standpoint, it is not the thing to do. No position on anhy professional sports team should be given to anynone who hasn't earned it by their quality of play. The basic tenet of professional sport is basically, only the best shall play, and, ratios notwithstanding, is the way it should be. Arguably some players can come out of Canadian college ranks and fit into the CFL, most notably, J. Lumsden, but QBs are somewhat special and need to be running at near full speed when the come into the league. At sometime, we who reside above the 49th parallel need to realize that the boys down south have better developement through their college days, probably because of the sheer number of colleges and programes available, and the number of players who attend them. My thoughts.

  1. Agree with you completely, Deputy Fife.
  2. My added dream/nightmare (and I thought of this before reading your post, is that Quinlan makes it in the CFL… And the nightmare is that after a year under Calvillo, he,s the oneleading Montreal to cream the Cats.

Can you imagine 9 CFL teams trying to develop Canadian QBs? it wouldn't be very good for the CFL or the fans.
If Quinlan makes the Als great good for him, he doesn't need any help or a guarantee of a job because he came out of the CIS.
Sinopoli made the Stamps based on his ability, let's hope they continue with awarding players because of their ability not because of their citizenship.
It's time to reduce the Canadian ratio not talk about adding more positions.

As "Barney Fife" posted "...We all know that as a Canadian QB, he'll never be given a real shot with a CFL team. .... It's not like there's an AHL where guys can get some pro experience before trying the NHL. "

Funny, I was thinking the same thing while watching the game. Why can't we have a farm system as in the NHL & Baseball? Too many good Canadian college football players go no further than that. Look at Brannigan from Queens; he was an outstanding QB , got a try out with TO but never heard from again. I hope that that doesn't happen to Quinlan.

Couldn’t have stated it better myself. Rosters positions should be earned legitimately, through open competition with all other available players, regardless of place of birth. Forcing teams to grant free passes to inferior quality players simply to fill an arbitrary non-import quota is antiquated and counter-productive and deprives fans of seeing CFL football at the best it could be.
By forcing teams to use under-talented, under-qualified players, the CFL essentially defines itself as a development league masquerading as a professional football league. Let the best available players play, period.

Brannigan was a marginal prospect at best. Quinlan has much better physical tools than Brannigan.

And I wouldn't be too quick to dismiss Quinlan's CFL prospects. Brad Sinopoli spent all last year as Calgary's No. 3 QB until they found a player they liked more. The only difference is that Sinopoli was drafted by Calgary, whereas Quinlan was passed up in his draft year (last year). He did go to camp with the Als last year, however. I could see him getting a chance to compete for a No. 3 job somewhere (perhaps even here, seeing as the team is likely down to just two QBs with Porter leaving via free agency). We'll see.

I think Quinlan is special and based on his ability (and heritage) he deserves a chance at being a quarterback in the CFL.
He is 6'3", 210 lbs with a great passing arm and exceptionally good moves inside and outside the pocket. It would be criminal IMHO not to give this kid a shot.

Brannigan was effective at the CIS level but couldn't cut it when faced with the quicker, faster, bigger, stronger defenses at the CFL level.
The Argos gave him more than a year on the practice roster and when they tried him in live game action, he still looked like he was playing at CIS speed. Enough is enough - move on.

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We will never agree on this one. Different paradigms. PS.... I'm right. :smiley:

I'm a firm believer that if you pay a Canadian QB, you free up an import slot. That's the way it should be.

I agree with that 100%, as long you meant "play", not just "pay". As the third QB typically doesn't play, I don't think dressing a Canadian in that spot should count toward the non-import roster count. Otherwise, we'd see teams having unqualified Canadian QBs holding clipboards just to get an extra import on the roster. That third QB spot was added to be a development position, and should remain as that. But a Canadian QB in the #1 or #2 spot should count as a non-import roster spot. Not every team will do this, as there aren't enough qualified Canadian QBs available. But for those teams who do invest in a Canadian QB, developing him to the point where they feel confident enough in him to make him the main backup, and maybe eventually their starter, why not give them the benefit of his non-import status?

This discussion could easily become a debate about the merits of the ratio requirement in the CFL. Some people are against the ratio altogether, others are in favour of it and may even like to see it strengthened. I'm in the latter group. But rather than re-open a debate that has been pursued ad nauseum on this forum, I will restrict myself to the specific subject at hand, concerning the treatment of Canadian QBs.

In this regard I would not mandate having a Canadian QB on the roster. In fact, at present there are three categories of players on CFL rosters-- Imports, Non-Imports, and Quarterbacks. My suggestion is to eliminate the special category for QBs. Just have two categories, Imports and Non-Imports, and let the coaches and managers decide which roster positions should be filled by players of each category. If there is a worthy Canadian QB available, a team can use that player and then use an Import spot for another player at whatever position the team wants.

I did mean play.

I would love to see Quinlan playing QB in the CFL. Of all the canadian college QB's I have seen he is by far the best and a pure passer. I believe Kyle could be a starting QB in the CFL if given a chance.