I guess they REALLY made a statement tonight...

“We want to come in Friday and show them that, even on their best day, with their backs against the wall, they can’t beat us,? Proulx said. “So come Nov. 21, when there is something at stake for us, it will go our way.?

[url=http://www.thespec.com/sports/ticats/article/269642--stakes-high-for-both-ticats-als]http://www.thespec.com/sports/ticats/ar ... ticats-als[/url]

By the way, is Proulx French for LOSER? :lol: :lol: :lol:


:D :D :D

Sometimes things don't go to plan. It's nice to see the Cats have arrived at the main table, to use a poker analogy. We'll see what we're dealt from here on in. Hopefully, we can be all in on November 21 and conclusively end the Als' reign. We shall see. There are no guarantees. If the team keeps its focus and executes, we'll be there.

Oski Wee Wee,


This win will be a bit of a confidence booster for the TiCats. I think we all knew that this was an important moral victory. A win is big, but a loss would have been a huge negative shot to this team's confidence.

Montreal can say that they wanted to continue to play strong going into the playoffs, but I really think they were not up for this game, after clinching first place. Hamilton on the other hand was hungry for the win and executed very well.

Hopefully we will have the home field locked up this week or next, and can take just a bit of a breather on the last game before the quarter final.

This win could set up for an interesting playoff.


This what I've been waiting for a Solid win vs a Great Football team
They had yet to Beat a Team over 500
Tonight they step up and Show me This a very good Football Team

I said if we beat Montreal I'd Would Congratulate them and I'd would not say Another word about them not beating Montreal
I am a Man of Word Congrats Guys
Thank you for a great Effort tonight
I am proud..

This was a huge win and to humiliate the Als like that was even bigger. Not one TD scored on this D in two games!!! Hats off to the D. Baggs has pushed the D to a new level. The offence was great too. KG and his receivers had strong games and maybe this was Bauman's breakout game. They just looked rock solid in every department and look to challenge anyone come the playoffs.

An Argo-Cat fan

Awesome. But I hope the Ticats not only carry this momentum on but keep in mind that if they do meet the Als again in the play offs....the Als will be looking for revenge.

So the Cats better be doubly prepared for that game to re-emphasize the statement that "the Ticats ARE for real".

I have been waiting two yrs. for a game like this against Montreal. Nice to see the Cats step it up another notch!

Big mistake to take the pedal from the metal in the last game. We aren’t Montreal after all. It is much harder to turn it on again after coasting the week before. I think (and hope) that this team has too much pride to fall into this particular trap.

Now can we beat Calgary like a Rented Mule next week…

I hope so

I'm not sure I totally agree. When I say take a breather, I just mean rest some guys who are a little knicked up. Taking one game off is not like what Montreal has done in the past when they had things wrapped up with 4 or 5 games to go, and then went to sleep when the playoffs came around.

If BC is either in our out by the time that happens, the last game could mean nothing for either team. All I'm saying is it's good to be as healthy as possible come playoff time. Kinda like AB3 not risking it when the TiCats were up on the Als on Friday night.


Sure, I agree with you PJ. Resting guys who are knicked up is not a bad thing. I just don't want to see the team 'mail in' their performance. What I meant is that once you lose momentum it isn't easy to get it back. Of course when you have excellent back-ups like the Cats had last night (CB for AB3) it is a lot easier to rest some players and not lose momentum. It needs to be a balancing act between getting healthy and keeping the edge.

Let's keep the petal to the metal and win out.

The only game the Cats should even considering resting guys is the BC game. But with the last two games looking like they'll mean something (it is going to be hard to win in Calgary, especially with them coming off a loss at home), I don't think resting will be an issue. But, if the Cats win or Argos lose next week, then I would consider only playing the starters for a quarter or half. No need to get anyone hurt when there is actually nothing to play for and one half off won't mess with momentum that much, if at all.

Lets not forget there is some bad blood between the cats and lions about what happened when a certain ticat O/L dove at Brent Johnsons' knees. Some Lions already called for retribution! Just saying .:expressionless:

Congrads to you Tom, to bad you did not belive in them Last week. like I did. This Team is going to go all the way this year to the Grey Cup. I said it at camp and im saying it still, true fans never give up on there team!