I guess Maciocia fires himself tonight

Gotta use his own standards on himself right?

Fires Khari for too many penalties and his team discipline issues.

Worst game this season with Danny at the helm.

I guess he doesn’t have a clue.

Nice hatchet job. You will be remembered for it.


We were cracking jokes about Maciocia the whole game everytime Montreal got a penalty. :smile:

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That must have worn you out-


Best comic relief was watching the MTL special teams coordinator (who we apparently drafted once) as his teams kept screwing up.

There must have been 90 seconds of him just silently shaking his head back and forth, spread across multiple segments. I suspect that if there had been a camera on him all game we could compile 90 minutes of it.


Definitely wasn't a great night for Montreal special teams, but in defense of Byron Archambault, his unit has been very good, on average, all year long. Two roughing the kicker calls in one game is hard to take.

There must have been a bounty on Domagala. They wanted to kill that guy, one way or another.


Domagala is one tough guy . He covers his own kicks and makes tackles . The young man is a keeper .


AAAAAND the final score was what?

You're in another team's forum. Ease off.

So says the Al's fan... lol

I'm here, but I am not going to rub a loss in anyone's face in their own forum. :slight_smile:


A punter who HAS to make his own tackles is a pretty damning observation on the punt/kick coverage teams, does it not?

And who's bright idea was it to have our primary returner - the man with the most combined yards in the League - cover punts? Guess what - it backfired with a non-contact injury. Way to handle the team's assets. I can understand if it was an emergency situation, but the man WAS too valuable to the team as a returner for him to play on the coverage teams.

Now, we don't have that electric returner who has the ability to score whenever he fields a punt/kick.


I thought it was an insightful comment. Rider111111 pointed out that HAM lost the game, a fact that many of us probably missed and no one else had mentioned yet.



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Lions 28 - Riders 10


that's why i said it...thought coming from a fan base who has a team that bad that they would feel sorry for me.

The Cat site is the only one that matters . We therefore attract all kinds of outliers , including the SK fans . I've been to their site once and once was enough .

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I posted there once and got stomped on for my efforts .


Yes, those green and white posters are certainly a piece of work, hey?


Well not all of them , just the ones who always think right or right that they are never wrong .

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