I guess it's gonna take somebody getting their ass cut

...tough talk from Burke, does the defense in BB land wise up or tune him out this early?


and here I thought this was going to be about someone complaining about broken glass on stadium seating :wink:

The defense might play better if they expected the offense to actually give them some support.

I dunno. This would make sense if guys are loafing around in training camp and not putting in the effort, but last year's team was bad in its entirety and one group doesn't need to be singled out like this.

That's rather an exageration. Three of the rookies that Joe Mack brought in last ended up making the Eastern All-Star team (Hall, Simpson and Mathews). That's more rookie all-stars than any other team in the league. And of course Chris Mathews was the Most Outstanding Rookie nationally.

Wow if the "swaggerville" defense is crapping the bed this early I can't see this team winning more than 5 games this year, not with any offense to back it up...

if he's had to tell them this numerous times, as he claims, then why repeat it again?
should have just given someone their walking papers, then sent someone else home again the next day.
THAT would have gotten the message across.

instead, he comes off like a joke.

milanovich didn't warn Boyd over and over. he just cut the leading rusher. that sent a message.

....seems the message has been received loud and clear....Hefney has gathered the secondary vets. and had a 'little' talk with them...Seems he's realized that maybe there was not enough effort on their part ....although he did say he 'thought' (you know what thought did) they were performing well but that wasn't the case in the eyes of the coaches...Sounds like the intensity level will be raised and I doubt anyone gets cut...BUT there are some excellent rook dbs. standing in the wings if someone falters..A guy by the name of Markett is raising eyebrows with his play..If I were a betting man this guy makes the squad...I look for better days in the Bomber secondary.. :wink:

...I think the only joke was on the secondary...singing a different tune today...AND never mind the Bomber D drummer...seems you have a lot of holes to fill on defence in argoland...Now that's a concern :lol:

Blue Bombers fans - We need a new defense

Blue Bomber Management - "Hmm....well then lets hire that guy whose defense lead to Ti-Cats to the basement despite having the top offense in the league as our DC then!"

Blue Bomber fans - We also need an experienced backup QB incase Buck Pierce gets hurt.

Blue Bomber Management - "Lets get rid of all of our backup QBs with experience."

Blue Bomber fans - We want Joe Mack fired

Blue Bomber Management - "Let's keep Joe Mack!"

Ian Logan was released before camp, the Bombers are not afraid to cut veterans, they have done it consistently over the past 3 years. This is just Burke not letting anyone get too comfortable.

...Funny when Creehan was with us the year before he was pretty successful ....must have been something about the quality of players on the cats d in 2012, I'd say .....Funny thing as well, the new qbs. Bombers brought in to replace are looking better than what we had....AND if it comes to team personnel, I would say the handling of Chris Williams in the off-season ,has to be one of the most shabbiest performances I've seen by a club for a looooong time. :wink:

For those commenting on WPG having a stale offense again, big difference from a year ago today. We started the year with no RB, Injury to our best receiver, injuries on the Oline, a QB carousel, and a rookie OC. That is going to kill any offence. By the end of the year we had one of the best offences. This year with Simpson playing from game 1 (and 2 good feet mind you), one of the best receivers in the game in Mathews, a healthy Oline (knock on wood), and Crowton more comfortable with the CFL, the offence should be in the top half of the league.
AS far as the D. The only issue so far has been the effort of the 1st team secondary. Johnson, Hefney, Suber in particular. This is nothing new, they've half assed it for over a year now. I agree with those that say you can only go so far with threats though, and at some point you have to carry through with them. Like Papa says, we do have a lot of talent there in Washington, Sears, and a few very promising rookies. We can afford to drop a couple lazy vets. Myself, I'm very excited to see some of these rookies we have auditioning for the Dline & LB.
And Drummergod - if he outright cuts Hefney, could you imagine the heyday the media and opposing fans would have about cutting a player of that calibre for nothing? He's obviously not pleased with the effort they are putting forward, and he's letting them know he expects more - that comes off like a joke?

it comes off as a joke, whining in the media about how your players don't take you or your organization seriously enough to put in the effort expected of them.
it comes off as a joke, confessing you've talked to them about it before, and they didn't respect the coach enough to listen.
it comes off as a joke when the same guilty parties from last season are still hamming it up this season ( remember the videos of them laughing on the sidelines during a drubbing? ).
it comes off as a joke to not make an example of someone by cutting an offending party to set the tone for the rest and have the others fall in line.

again; what did milanovich do when he was faced with a problem star player? he cemented his authority over the team and cut that player and dealt with the media scrutiny that followed. result was respect from his players and a Grey Cup Championship.

I've already said that threats only go so far, and I do think that a move needs to be made. I can agree that I would like it kept out of the media. But this is clearly an agenda Burke had coming into the season, one he wanted to address right away, and he is. How do you know that a move is not coming? Saying it comes off as a joke, or calling Burke a whiner is a little harsh IMO, I think most Bomber fans are glad there will be little patience for unprofessional attitude this year.

Had burke talked to these players in private first, as he says he has, and they still didn't make the changes necessary, then he should have cut one. The rest would then fall in line and he would have the respect of the players.
Instead, he looks like a push-over; they got away with is last season, and so far again this year.

With all due respect, how do you know he doesn't have the respect of his players? First of all it's only a couple players we are talking about, not the team, although I can agree this type of thing can spread. We saw that with Lapo who was the pushover and it cost him his job. Burke is in no way looking like the pushover, quite the opposite actually.
Anyways by all accounts of people who were in attendance today at camp, there was much more effort displayed.

I was there and I can say that both yesterday and especially today there was a lot more effort and intensity on view. People were saying that they haven’t seen training sessions like this in years.

Burke seems quite pleased too:

Burke, who called out his veteran defensive backs on Tuesday, was happy with their response since the public shot.

“The effort level has picked up,” he said. “I was really happy with it yesterday, it looked like a bunch of pirhanas out there with a piece of meat. That’s the kind of defence we want. We want guys flying to the football and you won’t do it in a game if you haven’t developed the habit in practice and that’s why we harp on it so much. Yesterday and today our effort has been much better.”

[url=http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports/football/bombers/Burke-cracks-down-after-tempers-flare-at-Bomber-practice-210288351.html]http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports ... 88351.html[/url]

Any comments regarding Burke and the coaching staff during campe by the players have been complimentary. Burke is laying the foundation for what his expectations are as he begins his first full year as HC - practice like you play, play hard whistle to whistle, bad habits in practice lead to bad habits on game days. Better to get that message across in camp as its easier to change the culture in TC than midway through the season.

Oh I agree 100%, and I think it's a refreshing change. Some on here though always like to spin a negative when it comes to the Bombers. Expecting more out of your players is never a bad thing.

To be realistic neither Simpson Nor Hall were really rookies and both had some solid NFL years as Special teams and returner as well as a rotational DE.
They both seem to be part of a new wave of NFL free agents who are aware of and prepared for how good the CFL is before they get there. Since the NFL Network began to televise games it seems as though there are more NFL free agents that are quick to be successful in the CFL after 3 or 4 years in the NFL.
Mathews was a dominate JUCO player before he went to Kenucky. his 6'5" was good enough for DI SEC but he was very thin and that turned the NFL off along with his lack of explosiveness.
For the CFL however his about 225 Pnds was ok with smaller DBs that may be quicker but could not handle his size.
Will be intersting to see what happens if he can get a season with one main QB. What he did last year as a true rookie never playing pro ball or even an NFL TC with 3 revolving door QBs was awesome