I Guess It Is True; Some Kids Just Never Learn

Sorry Art (not really) . . . perhaps Pinball Clemons will hire you . . .

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yeah, I shook my head at that

but what is with the crack about pinball?

Oh sorry.
Just referring to the fact that Pinball Clemons is not so morally righteous to prevent him from signing one of Art Briles' boyz, Shawn Oakman, to a contract, to put him in Double Blew. That scumbag Oakman, was implicated in that entire mess that Coach Briles' team was attempting to keep under wraps.

That's all . . .
Shawn Oakman was one of the players who was given leeway to prey on young co-eds on the Baylor campus in Waco, Texas.

Pinball has more morals, integrity and principles than most. Nothing wrong with signing someone who has not been convicted or has not been proven to have committed a crime. A man of intregity gives another the benefit of doubt, a second chance.


The guy accused of doing the crime gets a second shot (and 3rd)... But the guy that turned a blind eye to the crime will never work again.


accused, not convicted. What the other guy did is common knowledge.

Huh? Briles hid the alleged crime by Oakman and upwards of 51 others.

I'm not letting either off the hook but if Oakman is innocent then Briles didn't hide anything.


I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt if it's a single assault. However, Oakman has a history of crimes (petty theft and assault on women) going back to 2012, but somehow he avoids convictions. So, since it is apparent that he is a repeat offender, IMHO, he's a nasty piece of work.


I NEVER understood why Clemons is thought of as such a wonderful dude standing on moral high ground.

maybe because you cant see past him being an Argo??

I just want to remind people that Shawn Oakman was originally given an athletic scholarship to play football at Penn State, before he ever landed in Waco, Texas. He lasted less than 2 years before his scholarship was revoked, and he was kicked off the team. His "crime" in that case was never publicized, but I believe if you do a little research on this miscreant, you will also conclude that he is a very despicable human.

I would also like to point out that the quotation from FootbalYouBet (see above) could be applied to OJ Simpson. We know the Justice System is not perfect; it is not immune to mistakes or manipulation. In OJ's case, the Goldman & Brown families (& society in general) were let down by a flawed Prosecution team, and a racially biased jury.
In Shawn Oakman's case, he was charged with committing indecent acts against young co-eds at Baylor, but he was also on the verge of being selected in the 1st Round of the NFL Draft. He was about to become a wealthy young man . . . still a despicable human, but one with money. I believe his representatives used "hush" money to persuade his accusers to retract their charges. Some of his teammates who are still in prison did not have that luxury.
But in the end, the joke was on Shawn Oakman, the grim raper . . . the NFL teams did their research; they refused to touch this guy under any circumstances. But the Toronto Argonauts decided he is just the kind of person they want in their locker room. Who gets the credit for that decision ??


The point I took from this post is that Pinball would sign OJ if he thought it would help the good ship Argo.


And vice-versa equally applicable.

Absolutely nothing to do with Argos one way or another.