I guess it is pre season for cfl.ca as well

headline says, big Second half propels argos to pre season win. I am sure they really meant to say big First half.

Did Rod Black write that headline.

Probably not, it doesn’t have Manziel in it.

I had to mute the Ti-cats game to watch it. I got tired of hearing two words over and over-Johnny Manziel. I wonder how many times his name was said. A little hype is good but this was overkill. I'm glad for all the attention but c'mon. That kind of hype must give fodder to the opposing team.
Also, over the off season I guess I had forgot how many commercials there are and how many are repeated. It sure is making it hard to watch a game anymore. The constant repeat of the same commercials is like the Chinese water torture, drip,drip,drip.....

We actually do have a few new folks working game nights on the website; looks like they corrected the title. I'm sure they'll get their own set of notes on how to improve for the next time out.

growing pains for every one :slight_smile:

Well that’s not depressing at all sully, keep up the excellent work!

so I click gamewatch for the stamps riders preseason game this weekend. Then I click on game notes. There is position chart and roster for both teams. I click on the one for Riders. yup, ok, interesting Rider info. Then I click on the one for Stamps. There it is, interesting WPG BB info. far out man

Seems the league needs to look at the preseason and come up with a plan to make the games more appealing to watch and easier for teams to sell game tickets.

I get at one time the idea was to provide a chance to tune up the roster in addition to the evaluation process but times have changed and now teams are showing up with two potential bubble starters, a few junior footballers and filling out the roster with back ups and no names that won’t play a down in the regular season. Big emphasis is on being sure anyone important does not get injured and not showing anything to give away the offence while complying with the mandate to show up and play the game. Home teams do better in an effort to keep the fan base interested but it seems a tough sell when the visitors dress a team of mostly scrubs.

Ticket prices for preseason should be $5 given what I have seen and is one reason to not buy season tickets opposed to individual games.

Watching Winnipeg I wondered why they didn’t leave the head coach at home and give one of the others a shot to see how it goes. Wouldn’t matter if they made mistakes as there is nothing on the line and it would give the fans something to talk about. Of course they would have to watch for the bright young mind that might come along and take their job given a chance.

Hear all the time about how playing in the CFL is a 365 day a year job with the training and reading the playbook and such. Seems more like a 365 day a year job to suck money from the fans with the show they put on and the prices. Nice to see Grey Cup tickets headed back to being relevant on that note.

Next time the attendance question comes up look at the value end of things from the person spending the money. Maybe I am alone with this and not seeing the big picture but carrying on with the current plan is just one more thing in a growing list.

$5 tickets and $5 beer. Hot dog and a drink for others for $3 and you might have a reason for Dad to take the family out. Never going to happen at current prices.

Just saying.

We all know what we're getting when we go to a preseason game. I figure we are lucky to even see them on TV. We never used to see them and I didn't really care but I do like your idea, Joe, of having dirt cheap prices to bring in the families. I think this is a great idea. The really young ones won't know that all the players aren't starters and the 10 year olds won't care. What a good way to get the youngins interested.

What day will the official rosters be posted?

$5 / seat might bring in a few more people, but honestly I just don’t think you’re going to fill the stands for what amount to meaningless games (for the fans). And while I’m not exactly well-versed on what it costs to execute a game, I’m not sure you’d even cover your costs of opening stadiums to the public by dropping tickets that low.