I guess I’m not a big enough name yet to get that call’: Cody Fajardo jokes about unpenalized helmet-to-helmet hit

Cody talks about the hit on him here.

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He jokes about it but I don't think he is wrong.
Some QB you can hit them with a truck and nothing....others will draw a flag for looking at them the wrong way

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It should of been called, is the league not trying to protect our QB's, not only was it a helmet hit, it was a spear. I can't believe it was not called after revue!! If that had been cry me a river Bo, it would of been called without a revue!! Just saying...

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Let me start of with saying that the hit was not a dirty play or intentional. It was poor judgment in an emotional moment that should have been a 15y penalty and nothing more. The lack of the call did not decide the game.

Regrettably that has to be pre stated as on the main forum the same small group that has extreme vitriol for the riders twist any comments not attacking the riders as wrong and biased. We don't need further threads screaming cheaters etc to drive away the few remaining posters.

So my comments are strictly to do with the play and how it was ruled and who thr involved parties are is irrelevant as it would apply to any similar play in any game.

Here goes - The CFL blew.this badly the announcers during the game had said that the upholding of the non call was based on the QB leaving the pocket and becoming a runner.

Based on that it legitimized future helmet to helmet and or principled targeting of the head of any player. I hope it doesn't happen again abd like I said this play was not intentional or dirty but it was what it was.

If a player gets fined or suspended for a helmet on.helmet or head shot this season their defense representative need only submit tape of this with the statement that this is now tested case law unless otherwise changed.

By reviewing it and upholding the.non call it sets this in stone until changed by the league that this kind of hit on a player is legal.

I would have called off setting majors on the hit and retaliation and redo the down.

The CFL needs every team to have healthy competent QB's to fill the stands.

We all like to see our home teams lay a beat down on others abd run the score.... that however hurts the CFL. It's far.better to see.games won or lost in the last few minutes each game.

Every team seems to have stable Passers this season with decent up and comers in their system. Let's make.sure we protect all.of them

I agree. I think the hit was bad judgment, nothing more. I could be wrong but that is what I believe.

I do not fault the officials for not flagging on a bang bang play as I myself didn't even flinch on the live feed. Only on the replay did I notice head contact, and even that did not look like helmet-to-helmet but more like shoulder to helmet (which technically is still a headshot).

However, once a play goes to replay, it becomes a technical yes or no decision, and technically, yes it was a headshot and even if unintentional is something that the tackler is responsible for. I would have agreed with 15 yards. I was even thinking that it was a bit of a shame that BC would get a major foul on a technicality, but a rule is a rule.

The booth proves once again how terrible it is. Officials miss stuff because they get one live shot at a bang-bang play. The booth has 14 cameras and 5 full minutes to watch things forwards backwards and frame by frame, yet they have a long history of getting things wrong. The booth has no excuse for this.

Then the explanation that the QB was out of the pocket?? That's hogwash because a headshot is a headshot anywhere on the field no matter what position you play. By that same logic Collaros would have been fair game scrambling downfield when Simoni targeted him. So out of the pocket is no excuse at all.

On top of that we saw Dan Clark take a tourist hit on Williams late in the game for revenge. No excuses for a bonehead selfish play by Clark but you have to wonder if Williams had been flagged would he have even felt the need?

Now watch them fine Williams for the hit even though their booth felt it wasn't a penalty - a wrong on top of a wrong.

And finally the next time someone headhunts a QB (or anyone else) they can appeal on the grounds that Williams got away with this one, and they'll win the damn appeal AGAIN! :grrr:

The whole thing was bungled badly and the only good thing out of this is that everyone involved can all thank the stars that Fajardo wasn't seeing any after that hit.

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Depends on ones point of view.... some call it a joke, others might say its a troll..... For those who say it's a joke; imagine if Bo Levi said and it. What would you think then?

Welcome to the rider fan home turf

By all means further expand in how some felt.Cody's trolled?

Excellent choice to bring it to the rider forum rather than the main board.

Thanks nythril
I have no doubt he wants this to come across as a joke, but (IMO)clearly he said it to bring attention to himself and gain more recognition of his success of 2019 in a way that comes across as humble. The only other possibility is he was taking a shot at officiating and perhaps suggesting other QB in the leagues are given more preferential treatment. Why else would he say it? What is the value in saying this purely as a joke?

Are my sarcasm skills that broken ?

Yes he disguised his displeasure as a joke. However he is probably right that he is not a big enough name yet. I recall BLM calling out officials during a half-time interview and it was amazing at how the penalty calling changed for the second half.

Blow Levi would've gotten the call so point is mute