I gotta laugh! No Eskimos Players on 2007 West All-Stars...

Exactly... I cant believe Im agree with cfleskfan, but Hugh Campbell is a Rider legend....

The situations are different in many ways...

It always bothers me when somebody like cflisthe best just totally makes us look like idiots

When Campbell shows up in Regina as a former player, fans are all over him and talking about how great he was when he played. When he showed up as the head of the Eskimoes, fans viewed him as a completely different entity.

It has always seemed odd to me that so many people can't separate the two. He was a great player. He is highly respected within the province as a player. But he is also hated as the Eskimoes top man. Makes sense to me.
As far as Burris goes, he promised to stay in SK, was offered more $ to stay than he was offered to go to Calgary but was not willing to battle for the starting position. This made him look like it was all about him being the top dog and feeling he deserved to have it handed to him. His comments about the MOP just reinforced that. Nobody I've spoken to dislikes Henry the person. It's Henry the ego-driven sports personality that people seem to hate.

Not at all, rational people know that the true Rider fans are great fans who support their team 365 days a year. Also don't put it past somebody to come on here claiming to be a Rider fan when they aren't and making stupid comments just to make the team look bad.

The pretenders will be around when you're on top, the real fans are the ones who are still there when you are on the bottom.

Now on that point....I completely agree!

You could add Paul McCallum to that list as well. As a real Rider fan, I love all 3 of them and what they did for the Saskatchewan Roughriders and for the community. It really is a shame for the people that can so easliy run them out of town and ignore what they did for us. It seems like some people can just forget about everything overnight. Personally I don't have time for people like that because they obviously don't have the long-term memory capacity to appreciate what has been done. They just have the short-term hate the world approach and life is too short to deal with people like that.

Question for you BigU. Would you have wanted to start behind Nealon Greene. He was supposed to be given the "oportunity" but come on, Nealon never got pulled and Nealon always got his way and always played. Burris would have been back-up. He knew his talents were not going to be used here so he went to a place where he would be the starter with no drama. All the drama surrounding him is from the hype the media and fans fueled it with. Henry is a competitor and yea a bit cocky but so what? He did say some "interesting" things but obviously he got to in your head by doing that and he is probably smiling over that. Don't get me wrong, I will boo him every chance I get becuase he is the opponent but to put him down because is having success somewhere else is stupid. Lots of guys are ego-driven, some just hide it better than others. Randy Moss, Terrel Owens, Chad Johnson are all very cocky, ego-driven athletes but they are all fantastic football players and good at what they do.

Hughie Campbell has success whereever he went. The Rider's loss was the Eskimos gain.

Interesting list of players you have from the NFL, TO, Moss and now apparently Johnson are all cancers on their respective teams.
They have tons of talent, but eventually, that ego thing brings them and their team down.
If you are including Hank in that catagory, you are not flattering him.

Anyway, The Riders offered to make Hank the highest paid Rider in history, and offered him nearly double what Nealon was making, so anyone who thinks he was not the number one QB going into camp is on crack.
What pissed Hank off was that when we had 3 QBs, Nealon, Glenn and Burris, Roy tried to trade him. He tried to trade all of them, and did trade Glenn.
Another thing that pissed Hank off was that they gave Nealon a contract extension. Again emphasising the new contract was for considerably less than the offer to Hank.
Now if you are Roy, and Henry should be clever enough to understand this, you have two QBs. One is a free agent refusing to sign. The other is entering his option year, but is willing to sign.
If you are Roy, what do you do?
No reason not to have depth at QB regardless, but do you refuse to sign Greene and then risk losing both QBs?
I don't think so.
Maybe if Hank signs, they don't extend Greene's contract. But Hank can't have his cake and eat it too.
When he eventually signed with Calgary, the first thing they did was release every veteran QB they had--Khari, Crowley (i think it was Crowley), etc.
If you're afraid to compete with Crowley, you have got some issues you need to deal with.

You know, CFListhebest, the more posts of yours I read, the more I realize how much of a classless fan you truly are, and I use the word "fan" loosely. Take a look at your fellow Riders fans, you could learn a thing or two from them.

oh shut up. I have every right to hate the Eskimos as much as I do! I'm a bigger CFL and Roughriders fan than most of these other guys..

Take a look at a huge number of Eskimos Fans online and at the football games.. THEN you'll see Classless!

Yes, you do have that right... But you're still a classless fan, and you always will be. All you've been doing is ripping on Edmonton and bitching about "how now the Eskimos know what it's like to be at the bottom" blah, blah, blah. Wah, wah, wah! Grow up, man. It's a football game. :wink:

You don't pay a quarterback $340,000+/year to sit on a bench. I personally liked Nealon soo much more, but Henry would have started, no question...

I dont think Chad Johnson is as ego-driven...

I remember a couple times where he actually cried because his team loses...

You should read what he posts in our forum... :roll:

I'd prefer that my colleague tone it down, but we, regrettably, can't control him ... sorry 'bout that Esk fans ...

No apology necessary, it is what it is.

I agree. Chad is more about making the game fun for the fans. An example would be the bet he made with the player from Atlanta I think it was. He said if Cincy lost he’d shave his mohawk. I enjoy watching Chad Johnson.

Wow, I didn’t realize that “cancers” to a team would be leading them to such a fantastic start. If Randy Moss was such a cancer, wouldn’t he be a bust and just bring the Patriots negative attention this year like he did by giving up in Oakland? Hmmm, what is the Patriots record this year and who is Brady’s go to guy this year? Also, in Dallas, I believe T.O is having one heck of a season as well and has not brought near the amount of negative attention a “cancer” would certainly bring to a team.

Also, I GUARANTEE you if Greene was not in the picture then Burris would have re-signed. Look what happened when Nealon was here, he never came out unless he was injured or unless the fans were ready to kill him. H3ll, he was a cancer to this team. He missed the easiest passes and was the definition of inconsistency.

Obviously if Burris took less money to play somewhere else that tells you HE WANTS TO PLAY! He does not want to waste his time with the drama with Nealon Greene. Maybe Burris would of started, getting offered that much money but he knew just one slip and Nealon the “saviour” would come in and that would be that. Any professional athlete would not want to deal with that bull sh!t. I don’t believe it was so much about the money as it was playing wiht a guy that Danny and Roy had a hard on for.

If you guys with “Green(e)” glasses have a different opinion with me then you know that is completely fine. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but don’t go run your mouth on something you obviously have no idea what you are talking about. ie. Owens and Moss. Look at what they are doing NOW for their teams. They are leaders and brought them success because of their talent.

As for Burris, NOW when he is in a situation he can be comfortable in he throws 34 touchdowns and 14 picks with a 102 qb rating and over 60% completeion %. How the h3ll can you say he is a cancer to his team. You are obviously one of those bitter fans that just has a hate on for Burris and refuse to give him any credit.

If you ask me, anyone that ignores those numbers and ignores the obvious leadership and importance those players mean to their respective teams is on crack…

If I’m on crack for seeing first hand the special treatment that Nealon got over Burris and everyone else then there are a h3ll of a lot of people on crack because I know people agree with that. Probably just not people like you with the Green(e) coloured glasses on…