I gotta laugh! No Eskimos Players on 2007 West All-Stars...

I looked at the list this morning, and I couldn't help but laughing..

not 1 single Edmonton Eskimo made the West All-Star team!

As a Matter of fact the Entire Defensive Squad for the All-Star team were Made up of B.C. Lions and Saskatchewan Roughriders!! :lol:

That is honestly way too funny!!

they did say that the fan voting was worth 25% of the vote.. so it's not all our faults.

wow.. that is pretty funny.

When I used to look at the double E I always thought WINNERS. Now....

Not sure why that is funny but if it amuses your small mind so be it.

Overall the choices were pretty good, the only really questionable choice was Luca Congi for kicker. There however are bound to be strange choices when allowing fans to vote. After all, we did see Jones and Stegall picked as best all time passer receiver combo last year, despite 0 Grey Cups between them.

Why do you post stuff like this?

You mean Machocia wasn't the All-Star Coach? :cry:


At least they should extend his contract for ten more years! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

What's even more sad is the only Eskimo I'd want ahead of those chosen, is Wicky Way, but his injury cost him an all-star chance, so the ommission was understandable.

What about Goss? I think he should have been in there.

Seriously? Goss? hahaha..

ya right.

because I like to see the Esks suck! and lose and have no special treatment by the league!

now the Pukie Hughie is gone, the Esks can suffer like every other team in the CFL has done.

Another bright comment from the dimmest bulb on the string.

oh go bite me.

Clearly you get great amusement with kicking a team when they are down. That shows absolutely no class.This kind of comment will come back and haunt you...mark my words.

As far as the selection goes, on the whole they were good choices in the East. As far as the west goes...some of the choices were suspect.When fans are allowed to vote, it becomes a popularity contest (like the Rory campaign last year for NHL allstar)rather than educated choices. :frowning:. Congi would not have been my pick by a long shot...Sandro had a 85% completion rate to Congi's 69.8%..so who is the all star here. Even Hamilton got selections in the East..i.e. Lumsden was a given. Not surprised that the Stamps didn't render any defense selections, as their line is young, and not established, however feel that the Esks should have had some presence on the list. Who..not sure at this writing.
Well the proof will be in the pudding, come playoffs. Guess we will see just how allstar these selections are.

It was nice of the BC D to invite a few Riders to the All Star team lolz

Wow, good comeback, did Mommy help you with that.

Pukie Hughie, is that the same Hugh Campbell that played his heart out for the Roughriders? By golly I think it is. It's nice to see Rider fans treat their heroes with such reverence.

McCallum should have been the kicker while Dales should have been the punter. Other than that, the West list looks pretty solid.

By the way, no need for real Rider fans(great fans) to feel they have to defend cflisthebest, just like I won't defend some notable Esk fans(or so they say).

Funny hey cflesksfan Burris was a rider hero as well.

It is nice to see there are some sports in Rider Land. Others might reflect on where your team would be if they had lost Joseph and then later Crandel. Just a thought.

Well, KJ did play hurt again for much of the season, but it was not as serious as last year.
Last year, I believe we were the only team in the league to be forced to play our 3rd string QB due to injury.
I recall winning those games.
Had we been forced to play Durant this year, perhaps we lose a couple more games. No way to know.
What I do know is nothing changes. I would have still expected to win.
Why? Because we have a very good football team.