i renewed my tickets this year the lady told me section 21 row hatever seat whatever for 125 with backs on the seats so i purchased 2 i went to pick them up yesterday they were section 20 and no backs. I spoke to the rep today and he said he would put me in the family section for 50 bucks more a ticket problem is #1 Its non alcohol and 2 shouldn't have to payextra they made the mistake and should stick to there promise if this is the way they run bussiness i say buyer beware!

Ummm, are we hearing the WHOLE story here?

Sorry to hear that, but I have never had any issues with my ticket reps. It shows on the seating chart on the site that the endzone (125.00) tickets end at section 20. I already knew that though because anyone who has passed that side of the stadium knows that the endzone doesn't have seat backs and goes to section 20.

I'm not a cheerleader, but I can honestly say that the customer service I've received from every ticket rep I've ever dealt with has always been top of the line. I hope you can rectify your situation.

My ticket reps have always been great with me too!

I can only manage to go to 1-2 games a year but everytime I go it's a pleasure dealing with them.

I would have to agree. I dont get how someone could renew their tickets yet they seem to be in a different location and price. Section 21 is a completely different price category than Section 20 which is the endzone. Where were your tickets before?

Me too.

In the 15 years I have had season's tickets I have never had a single problem. However, every time I have contacted the Ticats on other manners I have always received prompt, efficient and courteous service. And every promise that was ever made to me was not only kept but also done in the time frame promised.

I am just wondering if you tried to remedy this situation before you posted it on the website. It might have been the more effective way to address your concerns.

I too have had zero problems with my ticket rep. They have always been first class and cooperative.

I've always been nearly blown away with how good the service is from the ticket reps I've dealt with. Based on my experience, if there was a mix up, they'd be tripping all over themselves to make it right.

This is one area that the Ticats deserve a big pat on the back for. And, it's likely the reason that nearly 20,000 will show up to watch 2 or 3 wins a year.

Hope it all works out.


The Ticats Tickets Reps are best in League hands Down.
Maybe the best in pro Sports Today :rockin:

Have to agree, have dealt with Ryan previously, Gerry and now Chris... all have been first rate and very easy and accommodating to deal with.