I got questions

do you or have you ever gone to many MLB games?

Is common not to be paying attention when the batter is up?

how does the following happen?


did not the person responsible for the child see the pitch and hit?

did they not see the ball coming their way?

why did they not use their own body to protect the child, just in case?

I think they are mostly responsible for this and any talk ofpossible suing is insane.

The ball is coming towards you at 100 mph. It’s easy to say that everyone should be paying attention at all time, but even turning your head for a split second can result in something like this.

The new netting installed across MLB is a great idea.

The beauty of going to an MLB game is that you are EXPECTED to chat, have a beer and dog and RELAX. And to take in the sights and sounds.

but when you have a young child in your charge, the need to properly protect them trumps everything else. If you don't want to pay proper attention, don't take the child.

If you don't see the pitch, you should at least hear the hit. If you don't see the ball, then you should at least notice people around you reacting. When you have lost awareness of the situation, protect first, then figure it out.

You're underestimating just how quickly all of those things happen.

or maybe over estimating how quick most people can read, recognize, and react.

I have seen the play in video. I know I would have had enough time to react.

You've got better reactions then most.

Stats show that you've got about 1 second to read, recognize, and react. Incredibly tough to do.

guess it is a difference if it is a short line drive compared to a longer alley oop.

They call it line drive but if it was going that straight hard and fast when it hit her, I am pretty sure it would have knocked her out. Most adults even.

I count a full 2+ seconds from the time he hit the ball till the time he saw it hit her and reacted to it.

Most people can react to things in less than a full second.

In any case, the first comment in my second post is my main point.

No child would ever have been hit on my watch.

The same things were happening at hockey games .

They needed better netting . Baseball needs to do the same .

Probably not bringing a baby or toddler to a ball park period would be the best option . They would not get anything out of it anyways they are too young ;why make them sit there for three hours .

But I wouldn’t blame the spectator the speed of a puck or ball is too fast to react .

Most games I watch especially baseball with so much slow action it’s very easy to be distracted and not paying attention to the game .

Horrible incident, but I don’t think the team or the league should be sued.

When you buy a ticket, isn’t there a waiver as part of that about injuries.

In Hockey games I have been to, there are reminders on the screen about paying attention. Also there is generally an address at least once reminding fans that pucks can leave the play area.

NHL also got sued about 15 years ago when the puck left the ice after a shot on goal and hit a fan in her eye. She won.
And NHL put up nets/screening behind goalies.

Anyway this is a tragic story.

Puck travels about 1/10th of the distance as a baseball usually does, a lot less time to react in this situation. Not sure the NHL should have been sued. How long have they been playing before nets? Did not everyone going to a game know that getting hit with the puck was quite possible?