I got pesky EE fans at my house from YEG

Anyone care to comment on any specific facts about the EEs that I can rhubarb my cousins from Edmonton with?
I know Ricky Ray is starting for the Esks, and, that he hasn't completed a TD pass since 24SEP ... but that one is starting to wear thin with these boys ... I need more facts that point to EE weakness and/or Lions strengths (in so far as the EEs are concerned ... ) something about Maas would be good.
I got a sushi dinner bet with one and a $30'er with the other that says the Lions will prevail and go on to the Grey Cup.

ohhh ohhh i know! Tell him about the Esks playoff streak, or wait! how about the all time record versus bc, 95-58, something like that, or how about the lions losing 6 of there last 7? lol good luck to both teams, gonna be a great game!

What are all these EE fans doing hangin' around our site?
Don't they know how to set up a forum? HAR HAR


.....you my friend need to prepare yourself for a war, not a single battle....so at least win the opening move..........try a slyer approach.......come from left field and tell them that when Florida or Carolina fold their NHL team in a year or two you sincerely hope it is transfered to Edmonton so that another Canadian NHL team can be added to the fold.......argue further that there's no way they can ignore Edmonton in any NHL expansion plans.......then quickly ask for their thoughts on the decision to start Ray over Mass, with clear voice inflection that impresses on the listener that you wholeheartedly view it as a very dumb thing to do, sit back and witness:

a) much like the handsome/beautiful robots Mr. Spock disabled with a logic loop you have a 50/50 chance the cousins will have trouble handling your initial barrage of smack.......they will um and ah for a few seconds until their short term memory is wiped clean at which point they will ask you "what"? (try it, I'm not fooling)
b) if you are unfortunate to have blood relatives in the upper half of the IQ cutoff point they will answer your questions quickly and spar back (you can then open the Sports section of the paper and say " holy crap, my bad, I see Edmonton really does have an NHL team, sorry 'bout that)

start with that........we'll move to step two later

If you go to the Lions home page on the middle right is a box that you can scroll up and down. The site's tracked all the Leo's reg season games, so hilite one versus Edmonton and click on the itty bitty teensy STATS icon and it will give you a whole bunch of options to see the stats head to head in adobe format.

One thing I do know is that Ricky Ray tossed a whole bunch of INTs this season, I mean a lot, Danny Mac of old numbers. So you could imagine what is was like for his TD to INT ratio during his dry spell. Look it up.