I got my tickets for montreal

hell yes i went to ticketmaster yesterday and got 2 tickets section m2 in montreal im ready to go now whos coming

I'll be there!!!!

Seriously, it will be a great day, newly expanded stadium, home opener...

Sure you will have a great time!

What did you think of the ticket prices in Montreal a lot more expensive than Hamilton. I got my ticket for the game in Montreal this should be a good test for Hamilton. :thup:

yeah i paid 45 in a section that would be no better then sec 30 in hammer but it should be worth the experiance

Its a great time at the Montreal games! I've been going for the past few years. Tip: if you like beer, bring a small, soft cooler that fits 6 tall boys. They let you bring them in the stadium. No crap dude! Lots of people do it. They just want you to keep it low profile.

Since you, and some people you know of, have smuggled beer in, MB,
that gives you the impression that it is okay to bring in your own beer.

Have you ever asked the company that holds the concession rights to sell beer
at the the stadium to confirm that it's A-OK to bring your own beer in, though?

I got two tickets in the end zone. Do you know any good hotels to stay at?

Depends on how much money you are willing to spend. I've stayed downtown at the Sheraton and at the Marriott near the Bell Centre. Both are pricey but good

just looking for a place to crash, nothing fancy, just need a bed

Mine just came in the mail today (also sitting in M2). This is the first time I'm going on the road outside of seeing the Cats in TO. I haven't been to la belle province since 1999. I can't wait!

I think you will find the atmosphere a lot different than at IWS. Fans are as rabid as ticat fans, but in a more relaxed way. Never seen a fight in 10 years. Party atmosphere, but vsiting fans welcomed. Don't be surprised if somebody offers you a beer. If u are single, great place to make new friends :wink:

As far as hotels, you can stay at either of the Delta Hotels downtown for about $150 a night, one is right in front of the shuttle bus stop on University which takes you for free up the hill to the stadium. Unless you are a marathon runner, dont try to walk to Molson cause its about 1.5 Km up a 45 degree slope!

After the game you can take a walk down the hill to Crescent St. for some of the best clubs and pubs in town...English widely spoken in this area, but if you want to try something new..go about 10 blocks east to St. Denis, very francophone, but things have really changed, anglos are welcomed with open arms!

Dont forget Schwartz's for a real smoke meat, or la belle province for a steamed hot dog..

Have a great time.....

First of all, it wasn't me and It was no one I knew that brought the beer in dude. I witnessed first hand what some of the "ALS FANS" do. If you must know the situation, an "ALS FAN" that was sitting in front of us, told us thats what he does. And what other "ALS FANS" do. I think you need a couple youself....Cheers!!

A friend of mine found the McGill summer residence site: http://www.mcgill.ca/residences/summer/

I booked at New Residence Hall, which used to be a hotel, for $99 with CAA discount. It's right across the street from the stadium, and no 45 degree incline walk at the east side of the stadium. There are cheaper options too.


Ordered my tickets also. See you there
Go Cats Go!
Also now looking for a place to stay McGill i heard was a good place!

yes Als fans like their team and willing to pay the bucks to watch them. I think Bob should raise ticket prices in Hamilton if he wants to make any money. He should tell the fans "put up or shut up" and if you don't pay a lot more for your tickets I'm moving to Ottawa.

Hey Jaybird im sure the prices will go up after the new stadium is built! Montreal has a new stadium, im sure there tickets where cheeper before that!
Maybe you should just donate some cash Jaybird, since it seems you have extra to spare! :rockin:
You have to also prove you have a winning team first, for more then 1 year before the fans would be willing to spend more!

How is everyone gonna get their ??

Im flyin out of Toronto $180 return, already bought my plane tickets, had them before the game tickets!
GO CATS GO! :rockin:

were driving down wednesday 5 am ge tthere check out montreal wed and thurs probably come back friday

Driving up either Wednesday night (and staying with friends in Ottawa) or Thursday morning. Then it's the game, Friday in Montreal, and then probably heading home Saturday.