I got an idea

Ya all should do your blood pressure a favor and everytime you dont like a ref call, no matter who your team playing, just start chanting

"B.C. S.U.C.K.S. B.C. S.U.C.K.S." HEH HEH :thup: :lol:

... ok

...NO EXCUSES.....the Bombers got thumped.....after saying that....and i am sure the ALS' will agree....WHAT THE HELL KIND OF REFFING WAS THAT....it certainly wasn't at a proffessional level ....bloody 'gawd awful'..if the CFL allows that guy to ref. another game...you can start counting the empty seats....Blown call on the ALS. touchdown.....Blown call on the interception at the end of the game by Hebert...they standout the most....but what the hell was all the flags on the kick-returns...if they are trying to overly enforce this new rule...therfore shutting down any return game....they're hurting the game...Listening to the panel after the game on CBC...and they all pretty well came to the agreement that/// 'in the last 3 minutes' of a game plays are not reviewable...What the hell was that...when a head ref. dosen't even know the rules...Disgraceful is all i can say......Black you have a problem...the refs. stole what should have been an entertaining game from the fans... :twisted:

Great post papa, as a fan I was disappointed that the officiatig was so poor. It definitely took away from the game, it seems like every time their is a return on a punt of kickoff you know a flag is going to be thrown, and the excitement level you felt is gone. The missed calls on the replays was just terrible, makes you wonder if they werent watching beer commercials. Watkins definitely had a TD catch, and Hebert had a pick. All the penalties, deserved or not, also took away from the game.

...thanx sambo....now i can crawl off and lick the wounds...BUT ....we'll be back and hopefully we won't see that type of reffing again..bad for everyone... :oops:

y should we do this?

Under these circumstances witnessed last night, BC would also s.u.c.k.

ditto papa! well said!