I got a sore head and what was Popp thinking??


Wow- what a Sunday! 1. Sorry to all of our veterans for not mentioning respect for your services yesterday. Our thoughts were with you!!!

  1. What a celebration in Saskabush! Oh my head!

  2. What on earth was Coach Popp of the Als thinking going for it on third down in Montreal's own side of the field with so little time on the clock. It would have been a long shot for Winnipeg to drive the length of the field if the Als punted. Dumb move.

  3. Coach Higgins of the Stamps is a class act. A real gentleman. Best wishes to him and thanks for his contributions to the CFL should he be done with the league.

  4. Both the Eastern and Western Finals should be great games. WE are fortunate to have four teams so evenly matched.

  5. Rider Nation - we are assembling at BC Place Stadium and will have some fun. Despite all the trash talk- BC fans and Riders fans generally have a blast at games together teasing alot but all in good fun.

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and if he was going to go for it, it shouldnt have been with the same kind of play that they have already been stopped on, and which everyone in the world was expecting, except me, cause I was sure he wouldnt be that stupid.

This should be a great game. I expect both offenses to put up 55+ points between both of them.

Sportsman- Could you buy Geroy an all-inclusive trip to Mexico leaving Saturday night. That might help my Riders!!!
Should be a dandy!!

The Riders / Leos in the Western final is almost becoming an annual event.

Good on ya guys, but don't be too confident about taking on the East Champ.

No, you don't need me to do that! :wink:

Just follow my directions where I post my "Recipes for sucess" and you'll be okay! :wink: