I Got A Great Idea!

I say we make everyone on the Ticats team some how forget how pethetic they looked and come out next Saturday and kick Montreals hides back to Montreal!LOL

i dont know what the hell you're saying, but if it involves winning next weekend I'M IN!!!

I want to see some bodys flying and not watch a game of pick up football!

I have a few ideas, they're kinda radical, so let me know what you think.

  1. Lets get our centre to snap the ball to the QB, and not over his head.

  2. Lets get someone to explain the no yards rule to the special teams.

Count me in, too !

how about concentrating on football and not dumb promotions like"Hammer Time"
why don't they play "Can't touch this" while ther at it For the recivers(in regaurds to the football)

Dumb promotions? I think if you took a poll of the 28,000+ in the stadium on Saturday, aside from the catastrophe on the field (and that doesn't include the Superdogs!), I bet almost all of them would say they enjoyed their night, liked the new video, the new promotion, the foam hammers and signs.

There are two sides to this football franchise, and right now one side is doing their job, and one is not.

And I think we all know what side isn't pulling their weight at this point in time.

Just think about how great it will be once both sides achieve at the same level of excellence. Gone will be the days of us arguing on this forum about whether Pinball tries to purposely run the score up on us!

  • paul

they should give us free foam stuff every game.

i'd be good with no foam....

Just the beer will suffice nicely. :wink: