I G F Under Water

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Its all good its for the water slides that will connect to the wavy roof that collects a bazillion gallons.

It rained for, four straight days! :roll: It's all good. As for your pathetic organization that nobody wanted this year and have to play out of a good awful, joke of a stadium. Hope you can sell that out at least. The funny thing is, your new stadium is moderately better than the one your playing in this year. Worry about your own team !


All that water will be recycled into the grey water system for the sewer........just doing our part for the environment. :thup:

Hope it doesn't rain just before the first game, then they will have to move it back to Canad Inn/Motel Stadium :oops:

We won't tell him about the cables to keep the drunks from falling to their death shhhh..... :wink:

In all seriousness, wait until we get an actual SUMMER storm where the rain will come MUCH faster & harder then a spring 2 day rain. An issue is an issue, it does need to be addressed.

I'm not too sure what to think about this one.....do you think a stadium should have dangerously low walls so someone could topple to their death?

That was the old plan. Now it is being recycled for use in the visitor's dressing room's showers. :wink:

Take your own advice, oh and go get some water wings for your home games :roll:

...for goodness sakes, perhaps stay off the internet for a while...

Not sure why ? TC trolls the Bomber site and was ripping us all last year ! Pay attention !

Are you also suggesting that TC somehow manufactured the water issue? You remind me of someone…

More like

Looks like someone is getting off to an early start with their extra cranky routine this year.

Kasps is right. Anytime there is a chance for a cut on the Bombers, tc23 is right there. Kasps is just answering him back as usual. tc23 was very critical of even the smallest problem with the new stadium in Winnipeg and so when he gets some back, he deserves it.

So what ? Everyone knows its a beautiful football stadium. That's all that matters. There seems to be drainage issues that are fairly serious and these have been talked about since last year by some of the contractors who have been working on the stadium.

Don't understand what you're talking about, Hfxtc.

Regarding the drainage or TC23 AKA Neuman ?