I found this on a Ncaa blog

http://thematadorsports.com/blog/?p=6158 Canadian school testing for roids......

Very very interesting.
I know that CIS regularly does random testing on most if not all of the athletes. It is too bad that kids think they need this crap.

I thought that random testing was illegal in Canada.
Hate to see these kids rights trounced on
You would have to think that out of 65 players atleast 20 would have marajuana in their system.
They're just kids after all.

Ok, i don't know for sure its random, but they are tested.

Okay the part on steroid testing is clear. However, up there do they truly care about the marijuana or other drug use, with
apparently the marijuana having little short-term debilitating athletically on these prime players? Of course there are plenty of off-the-field issues associated with its use including poor academics and other crimes including especially theft and assaults in party atmospheres.

Who knows the degree of marijuana use in the NFL still post Ricky Williams with all the masking agents and the like available greatly too even though the NFL comes down hard on the matter more than ever.

The NCAA claims to care about also marijuana use down here, but in reality given the record high use as discovered with the disclosures at the NFL combine and otherwise by NCAA prospects, they don't.

Also note that if used for medical reasons it is legal in CA,NJ and a few other states with a doctor's prescription in those sites and from an approved supplier, but such use in NCAA circles certainly has not come up yet as far as I know. Note that any transportation across state lines for any reason is however illegal.

Here's my post on the matter of high marijuana use in football in the US from a few weeks ago:


Use has been high amongst NCAA basketball players for some time as well but I am not sure about the NBA.

Assaults due to Marijuana use?? Maybe if it was laced or something, but not plain old pot. Alcohol yes, Pot no way.
Not saying that someone high has never gotten into a fight, I'm saying the Pot was probably not the reason.

I'll never understand this myth that marijuana is a completely harmless drug that doesn't have any negative affects whatsoever.

Doesn't surprise me to be honest, I'm guessing it's more prevalent, steroids in Canadian university athletics, than one might think.

Correct and to clarify because I didn't mean to imply otherwise in what I wrote above, of course the marijuana use itself hardly leads to assaults lest one is stealing for funds to buy it, which many a marijuana smoker denies happens but I have seen plenty to know otherwise for any addict.

And it's funny to hear many a marijuana smoker claim no addiction as if they could put it down for a week. Yeah right. Psychologically it's addictive not biologically for most users if you notice. And on that point always it seems to be those who argue otherwise I have noticed who smoke it themselves and actually think they could put it down but somehow never end up doing that, for most cannot.

Anyway a far considerably higher degree of such assaults other drug use, with marijuana far, far below that of alcohol, takes place around the party scene of course where marijuana use along with other substances and hopefully hot chicks come with the territory. :stuck_out_tongue: It's just part of that mix though hardly the actual cause of fights.