I Found This a Long Time Ago. . .

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OshsgM4aL5k&mode=related&search=]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OshsgM4a ... ed&search=[/url]

Fun to watch.

Yeah man I watched that before. I commented, "Thats what a team should look like. They should be able to chill like that." It's still there lol

Yeah Jman's right. I watched that like a month ago and loved it. I still do. French was the defending champs and the newcomer Gordon took it away from him.

French- :frowning:
gordon- :smiley:

LOL maybe French should have spent more time practicing catching a football than ping pong, maybe he would still have a job?

Sry couldn’t help myself too many times that guy had me pulling my hair out.

He does have a job...

Yeah he's in Hammyton. Although I haven't seen him do anything yet. He did have a bad case of the dropsies though.

My bad didn't know he was there.

Just checked his profile and well he hasn't made a grab yet this year, is he even seeing the feild, the couple Hamilton games I have watched so far this year I hadn't noticed him.

I have no idea. To be honest I havent been looking out for Jason French - at all. My Gramma loved him though lol.