I Found Kevin Eakin

[url=http://alabamavipers.com/team/roster/index.html?player_id=12]http://alabamavipers.com/team/roster/in ... ayer_id=12[/url]


He the Starting QB for the AFL Alabama Vipers

why bother?


Perfect place for him...

Someone already posted this info a couple months back and no one cared then.

Hey ! I care. :smiley:

I always like the guy. He came to the Ticats at a really bad time and I think given different circumstances things would have been much different for guys like Eakin. A lot of good talent was mis-managed during that period of time as you recall. The whole team seemed to be stuck in a culture of losing and it quickly became a toxic virus that spread to the team as a whole.

Getting back to Kevin, he's been playing for the Vipers for 2-3 years. This is not news.

You and Onknight should start an Eakin fan club then.

Denigrating the team. to pump up some forgotten guy you liked ? tsk.

The fact that no other team in the league, including ones in desperate need of QB talent, showed no formal interest says it all for this minor-leaguer.

Hey deerhunter:
Looks like you can't shake the zontar hex! I hope you've learned to laugh at him like the rest of us. :smiley: :smiley:

He follows you around with his snide comments no matter where you go! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Don't shoot the messenger, spike. Think of zontar what you will, but he's absolutely correct with this:

It was never my intent to shoot the messenger, MJ. In fact, I agree with him. Just having some fun! :smiley:

Ahhh okay ! Pardon me for being obtuse ! Not the first time, and likely not the last, either. . . .:smiley:

Bring him to Hamilton!

Sorry, had to be said.

Zontar says deerhunter and spikejones are one and the same. What gives?

I fine with the QB we have

No! You got it wrong again, Ock! Mikey and Rocky123 are one and the same! :wink:

8) Wrong !!! There is only one "deerhunter", minus a few other forgotten names from the past !!! :wink: :roll:
 You can take that to the bank !!!

Well, at least we know for sure Zontar is a single entity. Thank God.

Thesaurus words for "entity": an existence, article, being, body, creature, critter, ens, entelechy, esse, essence, existence, existent, individual, integer, integral, integrate, item, life, material, materiality, matter, module, monad, object, occurrence, organism, person, persona, personality, point, presence, quantity, quiddity, quintessence, single, singleton, something, soul, stuff, subsistence, substance, substantiality, sum, system, thing, totality, unit

Zontar is a complex kind of guy. :wink:

I'm not sure about complex but certainly low budget in all regards.