I Found A Place Yesterday

I'm doing some lamb shanks later this week, and I 'm trying to decide if I want them French, Middle Eastern, or Indian style. Three completely different flavour profiles. Of course, this also determines the starches and veggies (mashed potatoes, couscous, coconut rice)...

Keep me updated, I may follow your choice of protein next week. I do like roasted lemon & herb potatoes grilled asparagus with a side Greek salad & kisser roll.

French: red wine, garlic, rosemary, carrots/onions/celery, peppercorns, beef stock;
Middle East: Lamb shank tagine; or
Indian: I'm thinking either a korma or vindaloo.
All will be done in a pressure cooker.

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I would have to go with French, as MisWeGotTheCup doesn't take kind to spicy (she thinks Roma tomatoes are spicy), often I make two sauces for my indulgence I do like my spicy dishes.

Mark's going to have to change his header to 'I Found A Meal Yesterday'.

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I'm a sucker for a real vindaloo. Brings more heat than our D line.

I have NO control.

Believe me, some of the things I've seen on this trip would make great threads.... but would get me permanently banned from football discussion

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It's all good. Creating a forum is like having a baby, you can point it in the direction you want, but when we jump in control goes out the window (think kindergarten, only worse). As far as getting banned I think that takes true nastiness on someone's part, lots of forums wander far & wide from where they started. This is one of the more interesting ones going right now. Enjoy Istanbul :+1:.

They should eat some; it might give them a "rocket boost" if they time it correctly...

Going with the French option. Cauliflower puree with the mashed potatoes, and maybe some grilled asparagus

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I can get you the good stuff!!!! (Direct from the spice bazaar my friend, only for you... SPECIAL DEAL!!!)


"The Spice must flow!"

Finally got the photo to load. No sandworms in sight.

"Mother-in-law Chili"?!? :rofl:

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Mark, Score some saffron while you’re there. It’s better than anything you can get here. The “more expensive than gold” spice!!

I would willingly pay for LOTS of saffron.

I had a relative go on a cruise that had a stop in Morocco. He brought us back a tiny little container of saffron. After all that fuss I didn't really get all the hype around it. We cook with all kinds of herbs and spices but saffron didn't do much for us.

Can't test the quality before I would buy. I'm not the trusting sort.(Sort of like Dane may feel about the '' line.)

FWIW I bought saffron at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, and it was excellent. Of course, that was in 2010 :crazy_face:!

I wonder if her ashes form part of the spice mix?

and for @WeGotTheCup, I am no cook

I eat

I scoff

I have a liking for food that makes Garfield look sensible

But cooking - It's a skill I need to learn

With that said, given that you mentioned you like lamb, you like pizza and this thread is revolving around Turkey, let me kill all three birds with one stone.


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