I Found A Place Yesterday

...to stuff the blue team here in Turkey.


does anybody ever actually stay there

Only low lifes, I imagine. :grin:


I hear that place is only ever at 1/3 capacity


I hear that you have to pay by the hour for your room and if you want clean sheets and towels that is an additional charge .


Yup. I found a place also....


Is this too soon for trash talking RE: LDC & BB


Well the red light up in the near corner kind of tells you that.


@Mark , what prompted your excursion to that particular city in Turkiye?

Visiting friends working here.

Also the breakfasts. (For 4)


Dang, now I'm hungry, & have nothing in the house that even comes close to that.

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No, I'm sure you don't. :grin:

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Wow !!! You'd only have to eat once a day after devouring that spread .


That's pretty much it, Bobo. That's at a table under a giant umbrella on the beach. With friends you take hours to eat. What you see is about $52 Canadian total but it was a pricey place.:blush:


That's a great deal . If I'm counting right it looks like there is 5 of you sitting around that table . So basically all that food for just over 10 bucks a head . You can't even go through a fast food drive thru here for that price .

You can't even get 4 hot dogs at Tim Horton's Field for that much. :smile:

You should get paid by Tourism Turkey lol.
Can you get by at most places speaking English? And are you in a tourist area?

If you like Mexico or the Caribbean then the Antalya area is for you. Development level is very similar to Mexico.

If you stay in the primary tourist area then you can use English ( or German or Russian(!) and supplement it with your phone and a translation app. Learning about 20 words is perfect for a first trip. And a youtube on pronounciation would help. We know no Turkish and have been everywhere.

You CAN stay in a resort but the general tourist and other areas of the city have loads of neat restaurants and museums plus this is called a second Riviera for sun and sand.

Prices very low.... unless you eat at a tourist trap and then it's lower average Canadian sit down restaurant.

A bus costs about $.30 Canadian. Our quite nice bachelor villa in the old town about $80 a night. Nice place.

Come prepared to EAT! (And possibly get sunburn. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:)

Tomorrow we begin a few tourist days in Istanbul. Incredible history and culture!

I think we miss one more game so the team better have it all together by game 4. I will waddle into the stadium prepared to cheer!


Met a young German couple some years ago who became pen pals for a while. They spent some time in Istanbul & absolutely raved about it. I think you're in for a real treat. I'm envious.

Thanks for your information Mark, I have a question regarding the food, how would you describe the cuisine, Greek, Italian, Polish??

If I had to hazard a guess, it would be Turkish...

It's a BIG country, so lots of regional cuisines. It was a hub for the Silk Road and the spice trade, so it has lots of influences from the East. The coastal areas have excellent seafood, think of it as a Mediterranean/north African mash-up.