I forgot- who did the Riders beat on the road in playoffs?


Gosh, my memory is going! Who did my Riders beat on the road in the Playoffs last year. I remember they dominated this heavily favoured team. I also remember there seemed to be as many Rider fans in the stands as the home team fans. I also remember the home team's quarterback having just an awful game and , shucks, I cannot remember his doggone name and I think he played for us at some time but never won the big game!!!!!!!!!!
Gosh, who was that team. Their fans were sure quiet that day and ever since!!! Oh well, good guys wear white (and green) not red!!!

Riders Rule
Stamps Drool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:

Hmmm was that the Lions beating down the Riders!

At least the Riders headed West not underneath the ground where the Stamps have hidden since last season!!! But, you're still a peach in my books Red and White-- what would we do without your loyal brashness!!!
Gosh I forgot how much I missed smacking!!
CFL Forever!!!!!!!

I forgot!
Who did the riders beat in

Oh ya!


Les Riders sont la!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did not know the Stamps were involved in the western final but what ever you have a great infatuation with the Stamps maybe you should let everyone know that you are a closest Stamp fan as your wife would say "Turkey Nuts".

Crazy yes--but not that CRAZY-- STAMPS DROOL - RIDERS RULE!!!!!!!!

-just ask Henry Who!!?

Sorry no guy by the name Henry who on the stamps roster. And I know who you are. The guy that wore a green rider jersey and after that 44 -18 beating down by the Stamps you ripped off that green jersey to expose your true love of the Stamps with that nice red jersey. Say hi to SaskArgo for us will you.

Took the words right out of my mouth. :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Dear Red and White ,
You need to re-read your Dr. Seus books-- Henry Who a bad pass threw- oh boo hoo, what can he do, he plays like dog doo, boo hoo,
Ole Henry Who
What did you do?
your bad pass threw
we all had a view
and now
there is
a coup
to oust you
ole henry Who
to the Loo
boo hoo
boo hoo
ole Henry Who

-Riders Rule
Stamps Drool

...least you could do is get the pseudonym correct, but thats asking a lot I guess....

....but to answer your question because I really do believe you don't remember, all that turkey guano finally affecting your brain, your team beat the Stampeders on the road but didn't beat the Lions on the road......same ending as always, no trip to the GC, no better than 5 other teams...

Ha ha! Great rhyming. That should be published. Henry throwing picks to bush, davis and johnson is mostly what i remember. That and Keith's 75 yard TD run to start the 3rd. Plus there's slight images in my head of henry being sacked by lloyd a few times. That and about 6-8 fumbles. But that's all.


Ah cue in the song "Memories" please! If your so happy with just a one game win in the semi's then I guess you should be happy. Stamp fans will not be happy until they appear in the the GC. So many of you rider fans are not old enough to remember a GC win are you. Or were you in diapers. But hey if this makes you happy so be it. One game wonders you should be happy with! Input (Larrysmiles comment here). :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Now R&W and 2005, hang on here a minute!

I don’t like the way you are kicking a man when he is down. Turkeybend is under severe stress. If you read between the lines, the marriage to Saskargo looks pretty shakey. I bet the stress has him confused that reality and dreaming are all the same. I would bet that if we had someone check on poor Turkey, his children would be dress in Ti-cat and Bomber Gear, which would get Saskargo just more upset with him.

Help me out gang, we must show more compasion for Turkey!

:wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

Sportsman- you always come to my rescue- a true gentleman, loyal to his team but appreciative of sentimental smack!! Redandwhite, yourself and other long time posters deserve credibility because of your loyalty and longevity. I salute you but am sorry to say the Riders will prevail.
Riders Rule
Stamps, Esks, Bombers and Lions Drool!!!!!!!!!
Kerry Joseph for P.M.

You said that last year!
and the year before that!
and the year before that!
and the year before that!
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and the year before that!

…did I just get called old?..

…turk you nuthead, keep on trucking…riders in '07…o.k…

I dunno what you got called. But I gotta represent... Go Riders.