I foresee something poor...

Did you guys see the ad announcing the new CFL shop in this very forum? The black one with a date in the middle (that might just be here on the right column of this page).

Don't you feel something poor is coming up? I mean, if this ad shows anything, its a complete lack of care for details. In one little piece of advertising, they used four different fonts, two different CFL logos, and while the site is called "CFL Shop", when you put your mouse over the ad you see "CFL Store" appear near your cursor.

Communication wise, this looks unprofesionnal. I fear for the site.

Not only that, but if this is a new "CFL Store launch", don't you think a better date could have been picked? I mean, seriously, launching a new site the same day as Canadian Thanksgiving? I dunno...

I agree mongo. A better date would definately have been the start of the season.

Or at least in time for the Labour Day Classics, not when the season is a good 3/4's over.

only 1 question comes to mind....

"What took so long?!"

We should cut them a little slack. The CFL isn't the NFL or NHL. NFL teams receive over 100 times as much money from their TV contract than CFL teams.

The league does their best with what the've got. Sure they could spend more money and hire more people, but who is going to pay for it?

The new CFL website is light-years and head & shoulders better than anything they've had before...We should give them credit for that as it was so bad for so long.

I agree 100% kudos to the MRX development team. However being a web developer myself, I know that usually I have scripts i can pull together to slap a shoping cart site / system together in no time. :cowboy:

Dont' care bout the CFL is a alternative to football