I'm having a hate time finding this topic in the articles, could one of the Mods give me the address?

........not sure what you mean, you just posted something........

Do you remember a topic a while back that I started whuch was about posting images? that is the one I'm looking for.

........hmmm, this one has me in a quandry........don't get me wrong KK, I like you, you bring a fresh sense of perspective to the forum.......but handing you this vital info what can we expect?.......the mods agreed many months ago that with great power comes great responsibility.......if I allow you to eateth of the tree that you should not eateth of what will I have unleashed upon our tiny corner of the WWW?.........will there be a mutlitude of drawings of how you would propose to carve up the country into various CFL zones that constitute a 20 team league?.......will we be inundated pages of new logos of these new CFL teams?.......will images of questionable origin splash across our boards in a manner that confuses and bewilders us to the point of headaches?........hmmmm, I am torn here and must ponder my decision....


Dude, I now how to post images, and I havent posted any in a while, have I?

........ :lol: .........just teezing ya, we mods dont have any special power called "Finding long lost posts" any more than you do KK, you'll just have to flip through the 36 some odd pages of posts youself, sorry.....

Isn't this the thread you are talking about????


No it was another one,

and can anyone tell me the CFL Madden Website (it had a really cool picture of the Stamps and the Cats in there old unifroms in madden animation! IT WAS AWESOME!!!)

I want the topic becase someopne posted a website to get images on to the web.

now that's just tacky

redwhite, what the fuck does Hiraku have to do with this???

That is your link!


Ha ha, very funny


I am sorry KK but 5this is the link you posted and I just put it up for you. This is the link you wanted people to check out!