I figured OUt what is wrong with the cats

When we signed Marcel Desjardins he miss read the contract and thought he was put in power to help the other 7 CFL teams out with horrible trades personnel Cuts the only thing decent he did this year was Casey Printers but Behind that Oline we might aswell only play him

It might help if Casey ran forwards instead of backwards!


He is running backwards to get away.

So we payed all this money to see him do the same thing as Mass did! Maybe we should have spent some money on a o-line instead!

wow is that light at the end of the tunnel?

So it all comes back to team management! Hey Bob are you listening!

If he was listening all he would hear would be.. that really fimilar sound of someone beating a dead horse.

We hear it all too often on these boards.

Well that's insightful!

you guys are ripping Casey after one week!?! holy smokes! They were dissing his press conference speech in the Spectator even b4 the game, which was very badly paraphrased..This season is a write-off guys, but you have hope for next year.

Finally someone understands....

Casey is certainly a step up from Maas but with that Oline and receivers......

theres no ME,MYSELF, AND I in team people!

I think we're losing because we have a fairly young team of relatively inexperienced players, and even more who have very little time playing together. We certainly lack experience, if not sufficient talent, in some important areas... O line, D backfield, receivers. While our QB, RB and special teams are OK, the overall picture is just not one that is good enough to compete consistently with the rest of the league. I also think the lack of CFL experience shows in our coaching coordinator positions.

We can and should upgrade where we lack talent. Where experience is the issue, we have two choices: trade/sign more experienced players to add more of that dimension, or give the younger players time to learn and improve. For my part, I would choose the second option.


  This season is a write off for sure but hope for next season? Not for me. I don't see much hope right now unless they get rid of Working and O'Neil and a pile of players and replace them all with people who are many notches above. I think thats what is causing a general feel of doom on this site, fewer posters and some very stupid threads.

Major changes need to be made NOW so we can go into the off-season ahead of the game for a change.